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I love custom iPhone cases. They are so fun to design and always make me smile. That’s why when I recently heard about Zazzle and Case-Mate partnering to introduce custom iPhone cases, I was excited to give the new service a try.

ZazzleZazzle is fun because it is the world’s biggest customization site. You can personalize just about anything! And Case-Mate is known for their protective, lightweight, and stylish cases.

It was the perfect time to try out one of the new cases because my mom recently bought an iPhone and she didn’t have a case for it. She was using an old, boring, plain, grey cast-off of ours. So when I heard about the Zazzle and Case-Mate custom cases, I knew it would be the perfect early Christmas gift for her.

Knowing I wanted to get her a case with a photo of the grandchildren, I started pouring over pictures. Two of her favorite things in life are being a grandma and Christmas. So when I found this photo of the grandkids last year at Christmas I knew she would love it.

I chose a Custom Case-Mate Barely There iPhone 3GS Case.

Zazzle Case MateI uploaded the photo to the Zazzle site.

Zazzle iPhoneI used the editing options and was impressed by the how easy it was to rotate, move, center, resize, and the add text if desired.

Zazzle Custom iPhone Case

Once I was happy with the photo’s placement on the case, I added it to my shopping cart. It said it would take 7-10 days to design and would ship out after that. I was amazed when it arrived on my doorstep just 6 days!

Not only was I happy with the user-friendly and fun process of uploading and editing the photo, as well as the super-fast shipping, but when the Zazzle Case-Mate case arrived, I very excited and impressed with how it turned out.

It’s a high-quality case that is thin and lightweight and he photo came out looking crisp, clear, and fantastic!  I also like that it’s got a nice glossy sheen that I can tell won’t dull over time.

And I love how the picture wraps around the edges of the case.

My mom was really excited to receive this case and immediately put it on her phone. She was thrilled with the both picture and the case and showed it off to relatives on Thanksgiving. Now anytime she’s missing her grandchildren, simply needs a jolt of Christmas spirit, or uses the phone, it’s nice to know the case will make her smile and warm her heart.

I highly recommend a custom Zazzle Case-Mate iPhone case to anyone who enjoys personalizing their iPhones and as a gift idea. You can upload a photo as I did, or choose from thousands of provided images. For the high-quality of the case, the crispness and clarity of the photo, and the simplicity of the site, the price is incredibly reasonable and I can’t wait to make one for myself!