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The subtitle for You Don’t Have to Learn the Hard Way by J.R. Parrish is Making it in the Real World: A Guide for Graduates. While this book is a great gift for a graduate it is one that can be read by anyone looking for a little mentorship in their lives.

You Don’t Have to Learn the Hard Way is a practical guide that is written in an easy to read format complete with memorable quotes and phrases. Some include:

  • When you lose, don’t lose the lesson.
  • Pacing yourself and allowing time will bring you success and peace of mind.
  • If you have it in writing you have a prayer, if you don’t have it in writing you have nothing but air.

The book also provides many quizzes in a multiple-choice and question & answer format some include:  “How Self-Disciplined Are You?” and “Are You Cool With Who You Are?”  The quizzes are designed to offer the reader insight into areas of life where changes may need to be made or to reflect on those areas that meet satisfaction.

The book is divided up into chapters detailing major life events such as: Human Relations, Habits, Making Your Dream Come True, Career and Finance, Love and Truth. The conclusion of the book offers 68 maxims which are tried but true and include the common, “Joy comes from a task well done” to the more instantly inspiring, “A diamond is a piece of coal that stuck to the job.”

I thought this book was very inspiring and simple to read. I was impressed by the author’s story and therefore felt the information he provided in the book came from someone who’s seen it all. J.R. Parrish started out as a milkman and ended up a multimillionaire. He founded a commercial real estate company in Silicon Valley and ran the company based on the premise that to succeed in life, you must treat people with fairness and respect, this idea not only won him friends but also made him a fortune.

In You Don’t Have to Learn the Hard Way, J.R. Parrish intertwines personal stories among the advice, quotes, and quizzes. This format encourages the reader to connect with the author and makes the book all the more belivable and motivating. J.R. Parrish wrote the book to motivate graduates toward success and he was once again successful as his book does just that.