Win A Day With The Stanley Cup

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Are you a big hockey fan? Then you’ll love this contest! Discover Card is hosting their second annual Day With The Stanely Cup Contest where one lucky hockey fan will win the ultimate hockey package which includes:

  • Round trip airfare and hotel stay to spend the day with the Stanley Cup,
  • Tickets to the one of the Stanley Cup games
  • The opportunity to celebrate with up to 25 family and friends
  • Having the experience documented and featured during game one of the Stanely Cup final

Isn’t that a fantastic prize?!

Discover Day With The CupIt’s simple to enter too. Go to Discover’s Facebook Fan Page and submit an original photo that shows your (or your child’s) passion for hockey along with a short essay describing why you or your child deserve a day with the Stanley Cup.

The entry deadline is April 12, 2012. So hurry over to enter today!

After April 12th, three final entries will be chosen and posted to Facebook where the public will have 5 days to vote for their favorite entry. The contestant with the most votes by 11:59 pm on April 21, 2012 will be named the official Day With The Stanley Cup winner!

To learn more, “Like” Discover on Facebook  and follow Discover on Twitter.

One of my favorite hockey memories is going to a Lake Erie Monsters game with the Dave and the kids. The office where Dave’s mom works held a family night at a game and we attended. It was lots of fun and Logan especially enjoyed watching the game. Even though he was pretty little when we went, he still remembers it and talks about it today. It was fun having everyone together and it’s a great memory.

I think this is such a fun contest and perfect for any hockey fan. I’m also excited to offer the fantastic giveaway below!


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  1. i liked watching it on tv when younger

  2. When the Denver team won the Stanley Cup.
    Thanks for the contest.

  3. My first hockey game was in Ft. Lauderdale and the atmosphere was crazy! (in a good way). That’s my first memory.

  4. My favorite hockey memory is playing when I was younger

  5. Lisa Garner says:

    I loved getting to play hockey in elementary school.

  6. Charity S says:

    Watching my son play hockey with his friends.

  7. carol lewis says:

    A picture of my Mom when she was a little girl playing hockey. So cute and so long ago.

  8. I had a boyfriend who was huge into hockey and he taught me how to love the game.

  9. sunnymoon says:

    my fav hockey memory has to do with childhood games

  10. Debbie Hogue says:

    I remember watching Hockey games when I was young. It looks like a great sport to play.

  11. My favorite hockey memory was my first (and my kids’ first) hockey game. My husband won tickets at work and we all loved it.

  12. julie hawkins says:

    My favorite memory is watching my husband play hockey

  13. I always wanted to learn to play hockey.

  14. S Carter says:

    When I was young I use to figure skate. I always remember watching the cute boys come in for hockey practice. That is how i started watching the game. Went to some Thrashers games in Atlanta as an adult.

  15. When my college won the NCAA championship–the entire campus came out to party in the streets (10s of thousands of people!)

  16. I remember playing street hockey with my brothers, I though they were so cool, with all their friends!

  17. My favorite hockey memory was when we got to a Wings game compliments of my husband’s company. Was a fantastic evening.

  18. mary gardner says:

    going to games with my dad growing up are my best memories

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  19. I’ve only been to a few hockey games but LOVED them! They’re really exciting!

  20. My Dad took my sister and I to watch the Kings. We loved it.

  21. Melanie Johnson says:

    The only hockey memories I have are from playing in elementary school.

  22. I remember as a kid taking lessons to learn the game. Great time!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  23. Michelle H. says:

    I guess my favorite hockey memory is playing air hockey with my husband. I also liked “The Mighty Ducks”.:)

  24. Gaines Simmons says:

    My cousin teaching me how to play hockey after the first hard freeze on the lake.

  25. You will think this is funny. I don’t follow Hockey. I don’t follow any sports. Well one of my friends LOVES the Columbus Blue Jackets. I did not know what their mascot was and she wore a jersey in to work one day. I told her I thought her shirt was really cute and that I would love a stuffed animal that looked like the mascot. She laughed so hard because it is a hornet! LOL

  26. I guess I always remember when the winning team crowds together and they all hold the Stanley Cup together!

  27. melanie montgomery says:

    I wanna create my first hockey memory with my husbandby going to a game!

  28. Amy DeLong says:

    my mom took me to a flyers game and we had so much fun

  29. Barbara R. says:

    Watching hockey in college and see all my pals play. Lovely

  30. watching happy gilmore

  31. Ellie W. says:

    My favorite was taking my daughter to her first hockey game (at age 7 months!). Some of the officials walked by & saw us & gave us a game puck! It was so nice!

  32. Tim Moss says:

    I don’t have any hockey memories.

  33. I could really use this.

  34. amy deeter says:

    watching hockey with my dad all the time.we loved watching it together

  35. kathy pease says:

    I have never seen a hockey game but i use to love playing air hockey with my brother

  36. Andrea Henry says:

    We took my Granny to a game with the Grandkids …she had never seen hockey…and she was soo worried after it got started that they were hurting each other…. when we left she looked at me and said” NONE of these children”.waving her hands over the heads of my kids and nieces and nephews..”will be playing this game as long as I draw breath”…and she got in the car….

  37. paige jagan says:

    watching hockey with my dad and grandpa

  38. Mindy Mue says:

    When the Dallas Stars won the Stanley Cup.

  39. Desiree Dunbar says:

    My favorite memories is watching the Stanley Cup every year with my husband.

  40. tina reynolds says:

    The first game I went too was a few years ago my husband took me. I figured I would be bored but no I really enjoyed it. We ended up going to four more games for the local team that season.

  41. Selene M. says:

    My favorite hockey memory is the Carolina Hurricanes victory in 2006 to win the Stanley cup.

  42. I don’t have any favorite hockey memories but I’ve always wanted to live in a city that had a hockey team because I think it is an interesting sport to watch.

  43. Erin Cook says:

    my favorite hockey memory was win I went my youthgroup to see the Cyclones play and I was yelling and really get into it and my whole youthgroup was looking at me like I was crazy

  44. Watching Mighty Ducks with my son.

  45. My favorite hockey memory was the time I won tickets to a Shark’s game and a chance to go on the ice between two of the periods (along with a few other people) for a chance to win something by hitting pucks into the goal.

  46. jen gersch says:

    wathicn the flyers in philly lst year

  47. going to Union college hockey games

  48. Tiffany Hoyt says:

    My dad once caught a puck at a hockey game when I was a child.

  49. Lucy Schwartz says:

    My favorite hockey memory is personal. Our son learned and played hockey through high school. From mini-mites on up. When John was about 12 and he saw the mini mites on the ice , he turned to me and said “I’ll always remember the coach who took my chair away.” That was how they taught the little ones to skate. They would have the little kids push a chair around the ice.

  50. My favorite hockey memory is watching my work’s team play for the first time.

  51. Rachel Newman says:

    I remember hearing about how awesome Wayne Gretsky was when I was a kid in the 80s.

  52. My favorite hockey moment is going to a Sabres game 2nd row behind the opposing team’s penalty box. The guys in front of us were crazy! We ended up winning in a shoot out.

  53. traveling to the old Columbus Chill ECHL games

  54. Laurie Emerson says:

    When I was 7 my dad took me to my first hockey game. He was on leave before having to go overseas and my mom and I were going to stay with my grandmother in Maine. I loved the cold of the inside arena and having hot chocolate while watching the game with my dad.

  55. My favorite was going to my college’s hockey games with my roommates. It was always good bonding time.

  56. Dawn Valentine says:

    When my son was first learning how to play hockey at the ice rink, there was another group of little kids (around 3 years old) who were just learning how to skate. They would push an orange traffic cone around the ice to keep them from falling down. However, the cone would slide away, and kids would fall, and they’d lay there on the ice motionless, until one of the adults would come by to pick them up and bring their cone back. It was hysterical, and so cute to watch. The adults didn’t have time to do anything else but pick kids up off the ice! They’d pick up one and 3 more would fall!

  57. i JUST started getting into hockey. havent been to a game but if it is on tv i will start and watch.

  58. DEBRA HALL says:

    the first time the whole family went we had a great time

  59. My favorite memory is going to a Capitals game with my boyfriend a few years ago

  60. last year finally being alive to witness bruins winning the cup

  61. Virginia Rowell says:

    My favorite memory is taking the kids to their first hockey game.

  62. Whitney Lindeman says:

    Aww, I have so many! Though I wouldn’t call it my “best” memory, the first one that came to mind was going to a hockey game with my then-boyfriend, who was a Canadian hockey player. Interesting experience! Haha

  63. Laura Jacobson says:

    Haha…My favorite was when my son was about 5 years old and his first year of Hockey! They decided to play a little game….and put my son as goalie. He sat down on the ice and saved all the pucks. Haha..was so funny…..he was so proud!

  64. I’ve been to one hockey game and il iked watching the players fight!
    thanks for a great contest! Janna Johnson janna@feedyourpig on GFC

  65. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were at a JAM PACKED (im talking shoulder to shoulder, couldn’t even move to go to the bathroom) Buffalo Wild Wings, in Buffalo. The whole game everyone was High fiving strangers. Then it happened Pominville’s scored the game winner in overtime during the 2005-2006 playoffs against Ottawa which sent the Sabres into the Eastern Conference Finals against Carolina. The now infamous call by Rick Jenerette, “Oh, now do you believe? Now do you believe? These guys are good, scary good.” Everyone was yelling and hugging and high fiving and spilling drinks left and right. Nobody cared, we knew that moment was special.

  66. Jennifer says:

    My boyfriend used to play hockey, so that would definately be my favorite memory!

  67. Denise S says:

    My favorite memory is actually going to a game once.

  68. Nels A. says:

    Driving 2 hours with a car full of friends to watch the Billings Bulls play in Billings MT (not pro hockey, which makes some aspects even better). Great times!

  69. thischickwins says:

    my fav hockey memory has to do with hockey-themed tv episodes of the simpsons and corner gas

  70. Paula Tavernie says:

    I dont have any Hockey memories yet!
    ptavernie at yahoo dot com

  71. JD Blosser says:

    When the Red Wings won in 1997-98, not sure why that Championship but I guess it was because it was just a good time in my life.

  72. My favorite hockey memory is years ago when the Avalanche won the Stanley cup.

  73. Kenny F. says:

    My first hockey game!

  74. Wanda McHenry says:

    My favorite hockey memory was going to watch my brother play hockey. He was a goalie on a highschool hockey team! :)

  75. amanda h says:

    I don’t really have that many hockey memories!

  76. Mary Calabrese says:

    In high school, I was randomly selected for a slapshot contest. I have absolutely no athletic skill at all, but missed the tiny opening by just and inch or so. I felt pretty proud of myself for not making a total fool of myself in front of the crowd.

  77. I remember watching the Colorado Avs playing in the Stanley cup years ago in a bar in Turkey.

  78. jennifer horn says:

    Love the Nashville Predators in the playoffs!

  79. We had season tickets to the Florida Panthers when I was younger and they just started out as a team. My sister was a huge fan … I mean, she cried when they lost. I was a big fan but not like that :)

    My favorite year was the “year of the rat” which happened to commemorate a rat that was on the ice, I believe, during the home game. After that happened, every time the Panthers scored, someone would throw a fake mouse on the ice. It got pretty messy there, and the officials hated it. Eventually, it died down :)

  80. My favorite hockey memory is when Rapid City got their own hockey team!

  81. Dallas Stars opening game last year – it was my birthday and hubby got us box seats.

  82. Malkin getting his 50th goal this season for the Penguins

  83. Heather S says:

    Going to my first hockey game as a kid

  84. wendy wallach says:

    I recently attended an Islanders game with my husband and it is my favorite hockey memory because he was so happy to see them play in person.

    madamerkf at aol dot com

  85. My favorite hockey memory is when i went to watch my cousin play, when I was little.

  86. Brittney House says:

    my husband and I first met at a blind date at a black hawks hockey game

  87. My favorite memory is going to watch the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup in 2002

  88. Liz Terek says:

    I saw the Penguins win their first Stanley Cup.

  89. Geoff K says:

    My favorite hockey memory would be going to Penguin games at the old Civic Arena in Pittsburgh with my dad and uncle as a kid!

  90. Debra F says:

    I’m not a huge fan, but I do remember the 1980′s Miracle on Ice game….yes, I’m old!!

  91. My favorite hockey memory was watching the Blackhawks winning the Stanley Cup two years ago

  92. Katharina says:

    My favorite hockey memory is playing it in high school. It was one thing that I felt good about being able to master… and be good at. :-)
    Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com

  93. Oh forgot to say i want to win so. Can I count one instead of 2 Sorry

    Sibabe64 at ptd dot net

  94. Just remember watching the Rangers with my brother when I was a kid..,,I went to one game with him when I was little…I went to see the Golden Blades with him …believe it or not I think they were a short lived pro team…. He always took me to see the Mets though but that was baseball

  95. Caryn S says:

    Going to my first Blackhawks game with friends in college

  96. I went to one Pittsburgh Penguins hockey game because someone gave me tickets. Well we didn’t understand anything going on and the smart$#& little boy in front of us keep giving us the evil eye and correcting us over every comment we made. I wanted to smack him upside the head. He made us feel like we didn’t even belong at a hockey game. lol

  97. Suzanne K says:

    Not much hockey in So Cal so I haven’t watched any or been a fan

  98. My favorite hockey memory is going to my only ever NHL game to watch my favorite team, the Detroit Red Wings! It was amazing!

  99. going to games with my brother

  100. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says:

    I have not seen any hockey by my grandson loves it
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  101. Sylvie W says:

    During the last Winter Olympics I learned that my aunt loved, and I mean really loved, the game. It floored me.

  102. Braydin Walters says:

    My favorite memory was when our two highschools Lapeer east and west went into six over times in a playoff game. There were thousands of people in the youth rink. No room to move. West scored in the sixth ovrrtime and it was the loudest thing i’ve experienced. The players went to the glass to celebrate and hundreds of students ran to the glass. They were pushing so hard back and forth i thought the glass was goona shatter all the way down the boards. Truely amazing.

  103. Sherrie says:

    I few years ago I had a chance to visit Vancouver and tour Rogers Arena, home of the Canucks.

  104. heatherzilla says:

    Hockey comes to Savannah once a year. It is always a fun event.

  105. Stacey B says:

    My favorite hockey memory is the first hockey game I went to with my Dad, when I was young. It was a Tampa Bay Lightning game

  106. Gary Emes says:

    Watching the Flyers with my grandfather

  107. cynthia says:

    i remember my first hockey game, boxed tickets at the kings!

  108. Kyl Neusch says:

    USA won the gold in 80

  109. I don’t have any hockey memories.

  110. I really don’t watch hockey, but during the Olympic. I remember the year 1980 the USA won the gold. I watched all the games.

  111. Linda Lansford says:

    not many memories. I am a florida girl

  112. Lynda E says:

    Definitely the miracle on ice – I remember where I was and all of us screaming like maniacs.

  113. Samantha C. says:

    A definite fave hockey memory is watching the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup!!!

  114. I went to a Rangers game—great hockey and my beer came with a pretzel stick in the handle of the plastic mug! Hahaha, I don’t know why this impressed me so much but it stuck with me. :)

  115. Denise B. says:

    I just enjoyed when we went to see the Islanders play when we lived on Long Island.

  116. I don’t watch hockey, but like just about everyone else in the country, I still remember the US Olympic win over Russia!

  117. Jennifer says:

    I went to my first Penguins game last year. We lost but still had a great time!

  118. Karen Gonyea says:

    I don’t have any specific hockey memories :(

  119. Jennifer B says:

    Hanging out with friends watching the Red Wings win the Stanley Cup

  120. My fav hockey memory is watching the Broad St. Bullies (Flyers) growing up!

  121. I have never been to a hockey game or watched it on TV, but I think it would be fun to see a game!

  122. katherine d says:

    when america beat the russians in the Olympics in the 80′s – epic :)

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  123. We used to go watch the Grizzlies, know they are the Avalanche.

  124. Jessica Vaughan Gengler says:

    I went to a Dallas Starts game when I was a kid!

  125. EMMA L HORTON says:


  126. Adrienne gordon says:

    mine is taking my son to his first hockey game and seeing the lake erie monsters

  127. Cynthia C says:

    Not much of a hockey fan, honestly, but I did like The Mighty Ducks.

  128. Cindy Merrill says:

    I remember when my dad took me to a local hockey game years ago in Orono maine. UMO had a great team.

  129. renee walters says:

    I played hockey in elementary and jr. high school and loved it! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!

  130. My favorite hockey moment was watching the Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup!

  131. Kelly Nicholson says:

    Simply leave a comment below telling us your favorite hockey memory or share your Day With The Cup essay entry.

    when i heard on the radio the USA Hockey team beat the USSR..Yes people that game was not live unless you had a local feed

  132. Theresa Shafer says:

    I am old enough to say “Bobby Orr”.

    tes 1283 yahoo

  133. Soha Molina says:

    USA beating The Russians in the Olympics.

  134. April Brenay says:

    Favorite hockey memory has to be when my friends and I would pretend to be the mighty ducks!

  135. Jennifer V says:

    We took our 5 year old son to his first hockey game this year (Monsters) and we all havd a great time!

  136. KillerStilettos says:

    Love going to hockey games for the fights

  137. Ashley Tucker says:

    I remember going to a hockey game once

  138. Ann Fantom says:

    My dad used to take me to see the Flyers play in Philadelphia all the time when I was a child

  139. My fondest memory is watching my son watch the Solar Bears. They were fighting with each other. He said they were not being very nice, they need a time out!

  140. The Mighty Ducks is about as into Hockey as we get any more.

  141. DARLA KIDDER says:

    The only hockey memory I have is watching movies about hockey have never watched a hockey game on tv.

  142. I watched hockey when I was a little girl and I always thought it was a brutal sport

  143. patricia skinner says:

    Flyers fan here and watch it on tv when I can.

  144. Susan Smith says:

    My favorite hockey memory was when I took my son to his first hockey game. He couldn’t belive how fast everyone skated.

  145. Marilyn Wons says:

    My favorite hockey memory was seeing the Chicago Black Hawks play during my winter break from school!

  146. Kelly D says:

    I went with my husband and kids for the first time recently and had a great time.

  147. Watching when the blackhawks won the cup two yrs ago.

  148. When I was a kid, I built a crystal radio that I used to pick up distant AM broadcasts. Because it worked better at night, I would always pick up hockey games on the radio. Living in Cleveland, without a hockey team, and without cable, it always seemed exotic and foreign.

  149. Shelly Sawicki Lash Neuhouser says:

    I’ve never been to a hockey game, love to watch them on tv

    mneuhouser at gmail dot com

  150. essa tikkanen kissing a player on the caps during the 93-94 rangers playoff run instead of hitting him, and the fact that they beat the canucks to win the cup!

  151. Janice Cooper says:

    Never been to a hockey game, but my friends love to go especially since we have an awesome hockey team- Go Detroit Red Wings!!!

  152. kristi P says:

    My first NHL game was about 10 yrs ago. We were in a corporate suite and I finally convinced someone to explain the rules to me. I’ve been to a few games since and it has always been lots of fun.

  153. I watched my first hockey game a couple years ago with two friends. Although we were in the nose-bleed seats, we had a great time watching the excitement of the game (and the fist-fights that would ensue on ice)!

  154. Marcia Goss says:

    We have a minor league hockey team in our town, and I remember taking my son to the games when he was younger. We had a lot of fun.

  155. When I saw the Boston bruins against Colorado – and then went down and meet Peter Forsberg afterwards – the best Swedish player ever!!

  156. M favorite hock memory was when my son got to go out o the ice to try to hit a puck in the goal for a prize. He didn’t win but it was so fun for him

  157. Not too into hockey…. but we have taken our boys to a couple local games.

  158. We took our girls to their first professional game two years ago and had a blast!

  159. Kathryn Costa says:

    I went to my first hockey game with a boyfriend that I thought cared for me. Turns out he didn’t care for me as much as I thought. Thanks for the giveaway!

    katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com

  160. My sons and my husband either have played or are hockey players! I love to watch them on the ice!

  161. Tabathia B says:

    watching the carolina hurricans win the cup a few years ago

  162. Ashley Hatten says:

    I went to my first hockey game with my husband. Thanks!

  163. Ellen B says:

    I have never been to a game. Looks interesting -

  164. Michelle H. says:

    My first hockey game was when my husband and I were dating. I never realized what an action sport hockey was before and my poor husband had to keep a running commentary during the game to keep me up on the action.

  165. Denise Prince Bernacki says:

    My hubby is a HUGE Chicago Blackhawks fan, and just a general hockey fan, really. My favorte hockey memory was running into Denis Savard at our local grocery store, lol.

  166. I remember going to my first hockey game with my parents and siblings when I was in elementary school. It was kids’ night and there were a bunch of activiteis for us kids to do, like face painting and games on the concourse. It was a great time!

  167. My favorite hockey moment was when I was in high school at a Rangers game and my friend tried to order a beer from a vendor. He yelled out “I’ll take one”. The guy said ok. My friend was stoked. The vendor gave him a pretzel. Classic.

    Go Rangers!

  168. WOW! My hubby would LOVE this!!! Sweet prize!

  169. Tasha Steg says:

    my first hockey game was a few years ago! Great seats near the center ice, love to see them fight! the only sport that you can get away with fighting besides a fighting sport…. it was engery packed and trying to follow the puck was crazy!

  170. We just went to see the Red Wings play during Christmas break and had a great time…actually ended up sitting right next to some people from our church that we didn’t even know were going! :-)

  171. Our first hockey game, our seats were on the third tier of the stadium. The seats were so steep I did not get up to go to the bathroom. I was so scared.

  172. As a child, our community had a minor league hockey team that played in town. I can remember going to those games with my parents and brothers. I mostly remember that they spent a lot of time fighting on the ice!

  173. My favorite hockey memory is when the Penguins won the Cup in 09, we lived 2 1/2 hours away at the time and I begged my husband to take off work so we could drive up for the parade , so we did. I stood in flip flops for hours on a guard rail just so I could see the parade it was very exciting!

  174. I went to see the local game with my dad when I was 7

  175. my favorite hockey memory is watching the stanley cup with the red wings in Michigan!

  176. I remember going to see a local hockey game and the puck flying over the boards.

  177. Jessie C. says:

    My favorite is to see the local game with my grandparents.

  178. courtney b says:

    going to a hockey game as a little girl with my dad

  179. Jessica Beard says:

    In college, we’d go watch our team every Friday night during the season. It was fun to watch the fights! :-)

  180. Jennifer Marie says:

    My best hockey memory would be from an episode on Full House…pretty cheesy right?

  181. My favorite hockey memory was seeing Gordie Howe’s final game in Detroit!

  182. I have one but it was when I was really young. My uncle took me to go see a local game!

  183. Christopher Sorel says:

    meeting Gordie Howe when I was 5 at Olympia

  184. Favorite hockey memory…watching Rob Lowe and Keanu Reeves in the movie “Youngblood”. LOL!

  185. I have been to one game at 36 weeks pregnant!

  186. I don’t have any hockey memories lol.

  187. I remember sitting in box seats with my dad because my mom had bid on it for charity. It was the best sports experience I have ever had. And the view, wow!


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