I can’t believe how fast Kora & Logan are growing up. It seems like just yesterday we had two children under the age of two. Now they are 7 and 6 and growing more every day. I’ve found myself saying quite often lately that time moves faster once you become a parent. I’ve been reminding myself to slow down every now and then to cherish the memories and special moments because they do seem to fly right by.

That’s why I was excited to be offered the chance to review share our honest opinions about the Willow Creek Studio’s Baby Memory Blanket. These memory blankets are so precious. They are stitched together from a collection of your children’s favorite clothing. When I first went on the site and browsed the photo gallery it took my breath away. Seeing what they can do with treasured keepsakes is incredible.

Willow Creek StudioFor my 32″ x 32″ blanket I needed to put together a collection of 16 pieces of clothing. I went to our attic, pulled out the bags that I keep Kora & Logan’s outgrown keepsake clothing in and did my best to pick out 16 pieces. It was tough but I did it. Then I mailed it off to Willow Creek Studios.

I must confess that I was a bit nervous to send the items in the mail but they let me know not long after that the clothing had arrived. Then in just over a week I had the clothing back all sewn together in this amazing memory blanket.

Willow Creek Studio Memory BlanketIsn’t it beautiful and so cute at the same time?

They did a fantastic job with it and I really appreciated how they took the time to lay it out. As you can see Mickey and Minnie are in opposite corners, the two cartoony Santa shirts are next to each other, and the two Christmas themed pieces are side by side at the top as well. I loved that they put so much thought into the layout, it really means a lot.

All of these shirts, dresses, and onesies all hold special meaning and this blanket will be truly treasured in our family. Starting from the top left…

  • The Cleveland Browns sweatshirt was one Logan wore often when he was chilly last winter.
  • The green velvet dress with the gingerbread house was Kora’s Christmas dress a few years ago.
  • The fuzzy blue polar bear onesie was what Logan wore coming home from the hospital.
  • All of the Mickey’s and Minnie’s were worn on very special Disney World trips.
  • Green Eggs and Ham was Logan favorite shirt just last year, he wore it all the time.
  • The Mommy’s Little Pumpkin onesie is from Kora’s baby shower.
  • The fireworks shirt was what Kora had on the first time I was ever able to get her hair into pigtails and she wore it for the 4th of July that year too.
  • The Cleveland Browns onesie was worn by both Kora & Logan when they were newborns.
  • Just Beeing Me was Kora’s favorite shirt in Kindergarten because her teacher would call her students, “The Busy Bees”
  • The two cartoon Santa shirts were worn often by both kids the year they fit, they also were what they were wearing in one of my favorite Christmas photos of them ever taken while we were putting our tree up on Kora’s 4th birthday.
  • The reindeer and heart sweater was one of Kora’s Christmas outfits. It went with a plaid skirt that I bough separately. The whole thing was so cute and one of my favorites and she loved it too. Logan also had a reindeer sweater that year too so it was extra adorable.
  • The yellow golf sweater vest was what Logan wore on his very first Easter.

Willow Creek Studio Memory Blanket




a8Oh the memories! It’s making me tear up just a bit but thankfully I have this wonderful blanket to keep all of these precious moments nearby rather than tucked away in the attic.

I adore the blanket and think it’s amazing and very well made. I love the soft, fluffy chenille on the back. It really adds a nice touch.

Willow Creek Memory Blanket This memory blanket is something we will cherish forever. It’s a wonderful and a beautiful way to keep those treasured memories close. I recommend Willow Creek Studio to anyone looking for a creative way to stitch the precious memories of your children together.