Kora & Logan love art projects, science experiments, and helping in the kitchen. That’s why I thought it would be fun the other day to make homemade glitter. I came across the recipe in a fundraiser cookbook I bought recently and I’ve been seeing it floating around Pinterest as well. The recipe in the cookbook had no pictures but the photos on Pinterest showing colorful homemade glitter had me hooked. I thought if ours turned out half as pretty it would be a really fun after school project.

Kora is as obsessed with glitter and sparkles as I am and Logan loves anything science related so when I told them we were going to make homemade glitter they were really excited.

We set up at the dining room table and got started. The recipe called for salt and food coloring. That’s it. I poured a couple of different kinds of salt into plastic cups and gave the food coloring bottles to the kids.

How To Make Homemade GlitterThey had a great time mixing up the colors into the salt and seeing what combinations they could make.

Homemade GlitterThey both enjoyed putting every single color into each cup. In some cases they ended up with a very pretty mosaic mix that Kora called “Tie Dye.”

Homemade Colorful GliterIn other cases their cups ended up being a greenish-blue color and after awhile all started looking the same.

Homemade Green GlitterI encouraged them to try just using the red and yellow either separately or together to see what they could make. They made a few cups of spring-like oranges and reds.

Homemade Orange Glitter

Homemade Glitter RecipesI then lined cookie sheets with tinfoil and poured the colored salt on to them in a single layer being careful not to mix the colors. Following the cookbook instructions I baked it at 350 for 10 minutes. When it came out of the oven I was disappointed that it was not really like glitter and, in fact, still looked like it did in the cups before we baked it. I would simple call it colorful salt.

While it didn’t turn out exactly like I thought it would, Kora & Logan had so much fun with it and it’s such a simple project that we would do it again.

Making GlitterThe homemade glitter isn’t sparkly but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be used for art projects and even in baking. A few sprinkles of colored salt on a sweet cookie might look pretty and be delicious too. I’ve also heard that it looks great on the rim of margarita glasses and other fancy glassware.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Kora & Logan make with the colorful salt/homemade glitter and even though the end result wasn’t what we thought it would be it was still fun making it and spending time together.

What about you? Have you ever tried a recipe or craft and had it not turn out how you thought but still had fun anyway?