Vionic Shoes With Orthaheel Technology: Zen Walkers Review

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What is the one piece of clothing most people put on every single day? Shoes!!

What happens when shoes don’t fit properly or uncomfortable to wear? Your miserable!!

I am always on the outlook for a really great pair of walking shoes. My biggest complaint with most companies is that they do not provide half sizes and my feet are a true half size. A size 8 is too small with my toes all cramped up and a size 9 is too big which causes the shoes to slip on my heel.

I was really excited when Te’sa asked if I wanted to review Vionic Shoes with Orthaheel Technology, because they do come in half sizes. My feet are so happy in the 8 1/2′s. My toes have room to wiggle, while they stay in place on my heel.

Vionic Footwear Review Featured One of the first things I noticed about these Zen Walkers when I pulled them from the box is how light they are. I have worn shoes before with special heel designs but the shoes have always been on the heavy side. These shoes are the exact opposite.

I slipped them on my feet and was immediately impressed with the support in the arch of my foot. They have been designed with Orthaheel Technology, a podiatrist designed technology, which helps reduce your foot rolling inward and flattening out. This shoes may help with the pain associated with heel pain, back pain, knee pain and shin pain among others.

Vionic Shoes ReviewThe Zen Walker, which I selected is stylish with water resistant leather uppers and a flexible rubber outsole. The footbed has an antimicrobial top cloth to control foot odor.

The Vionic Shoes with Orthaheel Technology are the only shoes recommended by both the American Podiatric Association and the renowned medical doctor, Andrew Weil M.D.

At this point in Michigan I have only been able to wear them around the house and on the treadmill, but I have to say they are extremely comfortable. Can’t wait to be able to test them outdoors.

The best endorsement came from my 10 year old granddaughter who said to me, “they are really cool.” What more could you ask for?

Vionic is also holding a Walkabout to help improve physical and emotional well being. You can visit the site to sign a pledge to walk everyday and Vionic will send a little encouragement each week. It’s great motivation and perfect as we enter into spring.

Product provided. No compensation received. The honest opinions are my own.

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About Tired Grandma Judy

Hi! My name is Judy and I’m a proud Grandma of four. With 3 granddaughters and 1 grandson, I spend a lot of time as a happy babysitter. I absolutely love being a grandmother and my grandchildren growing up in Ohio and Michigan, I spend a lot of time on the road, on the phone, and traveling. I"m happy to be aboard here at 2 Wired 2 Tired where I enjoy dabbling in food blogging, reviewing products for grandparents, and sharing our trip reviews.


  1. Birdiebee says:

    I have never heard of this brand before. I am going to have to check them out for my mother as she has issues with her heals and these would be perfect for her. Thank you for the review. It is always nice to learn something new everyday reading blogs and finding new products out there that one does not regularly hear about unless they read about them on a blog.

  2. Kim Henrichs says:

    They are cute! I have never heard of this brand but they sound awesome.

  3. Tammy S says:

    I love that they are water resistant! I love in Oregon and we get plenty of rain. So I always look for shoes that are water resistant. Plus I like the bright cheery color.

  4. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says:

    As one who is planning some travel (a lot of walking) and is therefore in the market for a new pair of walking shoes that are attractive, don’t demand attention and actually fit comfortably…

    This may sound relatively simple – even obvious – but most “walking shoes” either look like they are vain, show-offs that compete with the rest of your look OR they look like they were made for SOMEBODY ELSE’S GRANDMA !!!

    As for comfort m most do not come in half-sizes (which I decidedly am) and the only thing worse than shoes that are too big are shoes that are too small! Besides I can’t think of two better references than a hero like, Dr. Andrew Weil and a Tired Grandma (all of whom are everyday heroes!) Thanks.

  5. Sarah L says:

    I like comfortable, good looking shoes and these sound perfect. We’re expecting 2-4 inches of snow tonight so I couldn’t wear them tomorrow…

  6. Holly E says:

    Great shoes! I need a more comfortable, walking shoe. I’m going to look into these. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Vicki Wurgler says:

    I’ll have to check these out-spring is here time to get out my walking shoes-I like that they are recommended by doctors

  8. susie king says:

    I would love to find a good walking shoe. I’m so glad to read your review. I’m going to check them out. Thanks!

  9. DailyWoman(Lacey) says:

    What neat looking shoes. They look like they could be dressy or casual.

  10. What a great pair of shoes. Love the fact that they are lightweight and doctor recommended.

  11. ellen beck says:

    The older I get te more I go for comfort and less for fashion. I have to admit I am not too fond of the way these looks but if they make your feet feel good, thats a good thing.

  12. I’ve been looking for a solid, comfy walking shoe. Thanks for the review!

  13. These shoes sure look comfy.

  14. wow, I’ve never heard or seen these shoes before, they look great! I wear sneakers but at the end of the day my back hurts and my feet are sore, I wonder if the ones I have are really are good for my feet. These look comfy, durable and doc recommended, I’d try them out if I saw them!

  15. Robin Wilson says:

    If they can really help all of the pain described and come in wide sizes these would be great for me! I have a terrible time finding shoes that help my back.

  16. Julie Wood says:

    It is so important for me to have good comfortable shoes at my age. I like these orthaheel zen walkers because they look stylish, but are also comfortable. I would love to get a pair for Spring!

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