Unique Family Vacation Idea – Chautauqua

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Chautauqua is a historic lakefront community in Western New York. It’s only about 2 hours from Cleveland and it is a gorgeous place to get away from it all. Every year 170,000 people spend their summer vacation in Chatuaqua where they experience memories to last a lifetime.


From June 25th – August 28th, Chautuaqua Institution offers a wide variety of activities and events for those interested in the arts, education, music, religion, youth programs, and recreation. There are lectures, classes, performances, and events for all ages.


Chautauqua is proud of it’s small town feel with a worldly attitude. On a typical summer day you can stroll through the streets of the lakeside town and admire the cute and quaint cottages.

Family Vacation Idea Chautauqua

And later in the day can watch performances in a beautiful open air amphitheater by Alison Krauss, Straight No Chaser, Clint Black, Steve Martin’s Bluegrass Band, The Beach Boys and more.

Family Vacation Idea Chautauqua

Chautuqua has much to offer for Arts and Education lovers as well. From Chautauqua’s own Symphony Orchestra, Opera Company, Musical Festival, and more to the lectures, special studies, and book clubs there’s something for everyone.

Chautauqua Opera

The recreational activities at Chautauqua are sure to get your family outdoors. With tennis, sailing, swimming, golf as well, kids camps, sports instruction, enrichment classes, entertainment, and youth centers the entire family will be happily avoid the Summer Slide.

Family Vacation Idea Chautauqu

To learn more about this perfect family vacation and to watch a video tour of the property visit the Chautauqua web site and look for upcoming posts throughout the month of July promoting various aspects and events in the community.

What about you? Have you ever been to Chautauqua?

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  1. We love the area. Have stayed several miles south of the Institute. This also gives you access to Jamestown and the Lucille Ball museum.

  2. I have never been there. There are a few people even here in central virginia that have been and they have loved it.

  3. Jerry Lafferty says:

    Looks like a nice quaint little town, almost a place I would consider living rather than visiting.

  4. There are so many quaint vacation destinations that I have never heard of. These seems like a nice little trip, It would only be about 4 hours for me.

  5. Anyplace with a lake nearby works fine for me.

  6. You’re very lucky to be near so many things. I love it here in FL but it’s a long drive to get to anyplace that’s different, like mountains.

  7. judy gardner says:

    looks beautiful and if i ever make it up to NY i will try to visit

  8. Sherry Compton says:

    Thanks for the information. Had no idea.

  9. Wow, this looks like a vacation. I would to be there.

  10. cy5maddux says:

    What an amazing place! Sweet!

  11. It does looks like a nice and definitely unique place to visit.

  12. It looks like a very nice place to take a vacation! I’ve never really been to that part of the country and I think I’d like to check it out someday :)

  13. We don’t live very far from but have never visited. I think we’ll have to plan a trip soon, it looks gorgeous!

  14. I haven’t been, but it looks awesome!

  15. Makes me almost wish I were back East again!

  16. Wow! This looks like tons of fun!!

  17. Looks like a great place to vacation. I’ll have to remember it for future vacationing plans.

  18. That looks really pretty and there are so many things to do!

  19. So pretty and I love the family activites you can do!

  20. This sounds like a great place to take a family vacation. Thanks for sharing.

  21. Oh it seems like a really nice place to visit!!!

  22. Looks like so many different fun things to do

  23. This is where I live. Chautauqua is amazing and historic filled with tons of activities. The restaurants are wonderful, and the institution is beautiful. I highly recommend coming to our county of Chautauqua to visit in the summer. I’m heading to the activities end of the month:)

  24. This is awesome. I love to find unique places!! :) <3

  25. I did not know Cleveland was so close to NY. 2 hours? wow! those pictures are stunning, I would love to visit a small town NY area.

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