Taking photos has grown to be a huge business.  Whether you snapping pictures on your phone, your iPad, with point and shoots, or DSLR’s, everyone is capturing something.  The only problem is now what do we do with them all? If they stay in your phone or computer how often do you actually look at them?

We have numerous canvases around the house from the 1000’s of pictures Randy has taken, but we were looking for something truly unique. We were tired of printing up pictures, going to the store and looking for matting and frames, and putting it all together. When Te’sa asked us if we would like to review and share our honest opinions about InstaThis we thought this was a great opportunity, since they print in aluminum, wood and on coasters.

Instathis was created to take your pictures beyond just sharing on social media to works of art.  You are able to upload your favorite photos from either your Instagram account or your computer.

We decided to print one photo on wood and one on aluminum.  Randy took one of his colored shots of an eagle that he had taken at Howell Nature Center in Michigan and converted it to sepia.  He then ordered it on wood.
Randy Heath EagleWe thought it turned out very beautifully. The grain of the birch wood shows through while still defining the eagle. The picture is actually infused into the wood.  The edges of the picture are rounded off and smoothed out. There is a 1/2 inch backing made from the same wood.  This enables the picture to appear as though it is floating on the wall.  Two slots are made are made in the back, one horizontal and one vertical. It is in these slots that you slide the screw that has come with the picture to mount it on the wall.

The second picture which we ordered on aluminum came from our visit to Panama City, Florida this past winter.  While we were there we came across St. Andrew’s State Park.  Randy is enthralled with reflections, when he saw this group of trees he knew he had to capture it.
Randy Heath NatureThe picture came out wonderfully. I think because Instathis uses a gloss white surfaced aluminum the colors are vibrant and well defined.  Just like the wood this also has a backing that makes the picture appear as though it was floating and is also mounted with a screw.

If you are looking for that special gift for someone or you just want to enjoy your own Instagram photo keepsake, I highly recommend you try InstaThis.  I’m sure you will be as pleased as we are.