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We had a chance to review The Quest of the Warrior Sheepy Christine & Christopher Russell. The 5 rare breed sheep have quite a few adventures after one of them is hit on the head by a cell phone. Thinking it was a sign from their great Lord Aries, the sheep travel north to return the “Baaton” as they call it, to the rightful owner.

With two bank robbers in pursuit who want the incriminating evidence back, a farmer who believes the sheep were abducted by aliens, and Tod & Ida who just want their sheep home, the sheep outwit them all in their quest north. This book is sure to keep you laughing.

The Quest of the Warrior Sheep

My now 7-year-old loved the book. Although I found she had a little bit of trouble keeping the characters straight, she loved the humor in the book and was always eager to read more.  She is excited that there is another book in the series The Warrior Sheep Go West. It looks like we will be making a trip to the book store!