Hats Are Back!


I’m so happy that old-style hats have made a come back. I remember growing up my grandpa (not the one who made our wall clock) always wore hats. After he passed away and a couple of years passed, my grandma moved out of her house. In the process, she gave me a hat box containing […]

Dandelion, Earth Friendly Goods – Onesie Review

Dandelion Earth Friendly Goods

Babies and onesies go hand in hand. At our house I think they even multiply in the dresser and laundry. Even though it seems like we have a million onesies I seem to always pick the same few for Emma to wear. I pick the ones that are the softest, snaps still all stay snapped […]

Bowdabra Hair Bow Tool Kit – Review

Hair Bows

I consider myself a fairly “crafty” person. I can paint and sew. I can fix and mend things. I like to scrapbook when I have time. One thing I can not do properly is tie bows. I get by with some curling ribbon and scissors, but if you ask me to tie a fancy bow, I would produce […]

Hypercolor Shirts Are Back with Quagmire ColorFusion

ColorFusion Hypercolor Shirt

Remember my post about My Best Fish Friend and my sentiments about older and classic toys being “upgraded and improved” for us to enjoy new versions with our kids? Well the new Quagmire ColorFusion shirts we received in the mail are just that! Back in the day, I admit that I rocked a Hypercolor shirt. Remember […]

Moody Mamas Winter Collection Giveaway – CLOSED

Moody Mamas Winter Collection

When I was pregnant with Kora and then again with Logan, we were invited to weddings – both times. I remember frantically trying to find a cute, but budget-friendly maternity dress, twice.  Each time, I needed one that I could wear as a wedding guest and also the other upcoming dressy events we had. I […]

Fresh Produce Casual Women’s Clothing Review

Fresh Produce Clothes

I am fortunate enough to have a job where I get to work from home. On the flip side of that, I also travel extensively for my job as well. My work clothing wardrobe ranges from yoga pants and hooded sweatshirts when I’m home to dress pants, dress shirts and heels when I’m traveling. I […]

The Girls Apparel Review

The Girls

Even though I haven’t been exercising as much as I normally due to my problems with my hip, I still enjoy a good pair of comfortable yoga pants. The Girls Apparel is an innovative clothing line that provide comfort throughout all your daily activities from going to the gym, to an at-home yoga DVD, to […]

Convertible Designs – Adorable Onesies!

Convertible Designs Logo

Suri, Shiloh, Honor, Violet – all the celebrity babies have bling… now Emma does too! Convertible Designs onesies are much more than just your average onesie with adorable designs adding a bit of sparkle to your baby’s day. We received the Lovely Ladybug Onesie: The description on their website describes my Emma perfectly “Ladybug is […]

Convertible Designs – Beetle/Jacket/Pillow Review & Coupon Code

I think little kid jackets are just so cute and we have a closet full of coats to prove it at our house. Even in all my coat buying for Mackenzie, I have never run into anything like Convertible Designs T-Jack jackets. T-Jack is a one of a kind jacket designed for kids, which converts […]

Cafe Press Review


This giveaway is now closed. And The Winner Is…. Congrats Deb K! You have email. Thanks to everyone who entered and good luck next time ********************************************************************************** Do you have a child going off to school in the Fall and you want to get them something special, but just aren’t sure what? What about a customized […]