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Speck Cases are cool. It’s that simple! Speck, the company obsessed with designing cases that are as smart and indispensable as the gadgets they protect, is able to provide you with that recommended layer of protection for nearly every gadget you use. Have an iPad like me? Get a Speck Case; have a Kindle Fire? Get a Speck Case. Speck-tacular options are available for just about any smart phone and any tablet.

SpeckSpeck believes in creativity and a little bit of flair in the products. We had the opportunity to review how Speck can outfit both our iPad and Kindle Fire.

The MagFolio for iPad allows you to cover and protect your iPad while looking stylish without adding unnecessary bulk. The MagFolio allows you to view your iPad at many different angles and even includes a magnetic closing latch to secure the closing.

Speck Case iPad

Speck Cases iPad Review

Speck Cases iPad Reviews

Speck Case iPadThe FitFolio for the Kindle Fire is an awesome way to protect your kindle and give it a little bit of elegance. Ours is in purple, and latches shut to ensure the screen is protected while it’s in your bag. Out of your bag, you are able to stand up the FitFolio for some handsfree reading or web surfing.

Speck Cases Review

Speck Cases Reviews

Speck Cases Kindle Fire

Speck FeaturedSpeck is celebrating the holidays with “12 Days of Speck” full of awesome one day deals everyone can enjoy to select the perfect stocking stuffer everyone on your list! Who do you know who could use a new case for their phone or favorite gadget?