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Every since Mackenzie was a baby, I’ve used a lingerie bag to corral all her little tiny baby socks in the laundry. I thought I was a genius and often gave the bag as a baby shower gift, passing along my brilliant idea. But, over the years I’ve purchased a lot of lingerie bags after zippers were broken, holes were ripped and bags just disappeared in my house (which I’m still trying to figure out).

Lately I’ve gotten to the point where it’s just not worth it to try to get all Mackenzie’s and Emma’s socks into the one bag I can find and pry the zipper closed, so I’ve been living on the edge and just throwing all the socks in the washer and dryer on their own. However, Sock Sacs have come to my rescue! Sock Sacs are a HUGE improvement over my sad lingerie bag.

Sock Sacs ReviewWhat I Like About Sock Sacs

  • Large bags, which means more items fit inside
  • Round so nothing gets bunched up in the corners
  • The material is a very high quality, sturdy material
  • Heavy duty zippers with a snap to keep the zipper closed
  • Hanging loops so a Sock Sac can be hung up for easy filling by Mackenzie
  • Variety of bright colors that are easy to see in the clothes basket
  • Each person can have their own color or use different colors for different things – like socks, underwear, or trousers socks that always get stuck inside my work pants

When I’m traveling, I get outfits out for both girls before I leave but it seems like the sock and underwear drawers are always empty. Now I use Sock Sacs for Mackenzie’s underwear, one for her socks, and another one for Emma’s socks and bibs. Now it’s easy for me to say – everything you need is in the pink, orange and green bags! Mackenzie also thinks that it is fun to put her dirty clothes in the right bag all on her own.

Sock Sacs are a great product for busy families looking to make laundry a little less of a painful experience – I even use one for my socks now! I love Sock Sacs and have said goodbye to wimpy lingerie bags forever.