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Snow day. What do those two words conjure up? As a kid I loved snow days. I loved being able to sleep in, to be off schedule, to get outside and play in the snow, and to come inside and warm up with some fun family games. Now as a parent I see snow days as a bit more tricky. It causes schedule juggling and rebalancing but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun.

I decided to be prepared this year for snow days so we can maximize the fun and use the day off to create fantastic family memories. I put together a collection of my favorite Snow Day Family Games, Activities, & Tips.

Snow Day Activity Jar


This jar not only is full of great snow day activities and ideas but making it would keep everyone busy too. I could see Kora & Logan really get into decorating the jar and adding their own inspiration and creativity. Whenever anyone says “I’m bored, ” or “There’s nothing to do,” I look forward to having them pull an activity out of the jar for ideas.

Mini Tabletop Air Hockey


Whenever we go anywhere and there is an air hockey table Kora & Logan are happy for hours. I remember having a tabletop air hockey table when I was little and my sister and I would play game after game for ages. It’s so much fun an a game that changes all the time it’s sure to keep everyone happy on a snow day.

10 Fun Snow Day Activities


This site has a great collection of snow day activities and ideas. Some of my favorites include: a board game tournament, edible snowflakes, blanket forts, fill a spray bottle with a water/food coloring mix and “paint” the snow, and more.

Snowball Surprises


These Snowball Surprise treats are so easy to make that older children would love to help. Not only are cute and look like snowballs but true to their name there’s even a little surprise in the middle of each one.

Wii U


This is one of the hottest toys/gadgets this year and we want one! It looks like such an innovative and fun idea and snow days are the perfect excuse to play video games all day especially when it’s too cold to play outside. The multiple ways to utilize the Wii U offers something for everyone and is sure to keep the whole family happy.

Snow Day Inferencing Activity for 1st Graders


Kora is learning inferencing and enjoys it so when I came across this activity I knew it would be something both she and Logan would like. It’s a very involved activity for both parents and children and one that really gets kids thinking even on their day off. It’s just an outline so it can be customized to your family and applied to various activities and occasions.

Escalade Sports Double Shootout Basketball Game


When we went to Orlando this summer the condo we stayed in had a double shootout basketball game. Kora, Logan, Dave, and even my parents enjoyed it so much they had a hard time leaving it to go to Disney World! It was wonderful seeing them have so much fun together and I know if we had one of these in our house snow days would fly by and it would be a great way to spend time together.

Snow Day Party For Kids


This is such a great collection of snow day ideas that I just had to put it in my collection. I love the thought of turning a snow day into a party and decorating the house by cutting out paper snowflakes. The outside game ideas are fun too with tic tac toe and hula hooping which are all much different in the snow & dressed in winter coats & snow pants. I love the snowmen themed treats too and now I’m hungry!

Microsoft Xbox 360 Kinect Holiday Bundle


Kora & Logan’s cousins have an Xbox 360 Kinect and the kids all have such a great time playing on it together that this would be perfect for a snow day. What I love about the Xbox 360 Kinect is how much movement and physical activity it encourages. Rather than just lounging on the couch all day the kids would be up and moving and Dave & I would love to play along with them so we could all keep moving while fighting off cabin fever.



It’s never fun to run out of batteries on a snow day. The roads are a mess, the electronics won’t work, and frustration abounds. That’s why we make sure to stay stocked up on batteries which keeps everyone happy.

This winter season is sure to be filled with numerous snow days especially after how warm our winter was last year. That’s why I’m excited to refer to my list of Snow Day Family Games & Activities whenever we find school canceled.

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Gifts That DoWhat about you? What do you do on snow days?

No products were received. Compensation was provided. The honest opinions are my own.

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  1. I like the snow day party idea to get kids out of the house and enjoying the snow.

  2. We don’t have snow days in FL, but maybe the occasional hurricane day. Then you pull out the games that won’t need electricity.

  3. We like to play board games and enjoy hot chocolate on snow days! :)

  4. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    We Rent Movies And Bake !:)

  5. The snowball treats are very cute!

    I used to have a jar like the one you have with snow day ideas in it. Only mine had chores in it…that the children had to pick out of when they misbehaved.

    I’m sure your jar is nicer than mine ;)

  6. Thomas Murphy says:

    great ideas! I really want the Wii U

  7. I love the Snow Day Activity Jar. We usually play board games or watch movies

  8. i just recently bought some retro games like hangman and head basket just for snow days…i love the surprise snowballs they look yummy! im sure the kids would love them.

  9. i like the Snowy Dat Activities jar

  10. I love the Snowy Dat Activities jar. What a cute idea.

  11. ellen beck says:

    Shovel, make snowmen, sled or if it is too cold we bake or have a movie day.

  12. I usually go out. I love the snow. Maybe sled with my family

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