We woke up this morning to some exciting news – a snow day!

Snow DayWe all celebrated by sleeping in. We’ll truthfully, Dave and the kids slept in. After our alarm went off to get ready for school Dave and I checked our phones repeatedly for school closing updates. Once we saw Kora & Logan’s school listed we turned off the back up alarm and buried our heads back under the covers.

Just as I was about to doze off, my phone rang with 4 text messages from the school letting us know school was closed. By that time I was awake so I hopped up, showered, and started making pancakes while everyone else snoozed.

Kora & Logan are thrilled to have the day off and I’m happy they get to stay home for another day too. They had both Friday and Monday off this past weekend so this is a long break but I love having them around. Our plans today will be all inside since it was 10 degrees when we woke up with wind chills at 14 below and it’s only going to be a high of 12 today! Yikes!

WeatherBut we’ll have fun. We played with an at home kids science kit yesterday and I know the kids would love to finish up the rest of the experiments today. I’d also like to make cookies with them and then we’ll probably play a few games.

I’ll have to squeeze in a bit of time to get some of the house clean because Logan’s birthday is tomorrow and we’re having a party for both kids on Saturday. Since my side of the family lives in Michigan and the kids’ birthdays are so close together, we have one combined party for them in Michigan around Thanksgiving and a second here in Ohio around Logan’s birthday. It will be a great time and Kora & Logan are so excited!

I’m looking forward to today and can’t wait to spend it with the kids doing science experiments, baking, and preparing for Saturday’s party. We’ll be doing our best to stay warm too and might mix a warm mug of hot chocolate in or two as well.

What about you? How is your weather today? What do you like to do on a snow day or day off of school?