Snow Day!

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We woke up this morning to some exciting news – a snow day!

Snow Day We all celebrated by sleeping in. We’ll truthfully, Dave and the kids slept in. After our alarm went off to get ready for school Dave and I checked our phones repeatedly for school closing updates. Once we saw Kora & Logan’s school listed we turned off the back up alarm and buried our heads back under the covers.

Just as I was about to doze off, my phone rang with 4 text messages from the school letting us know school was closed. By that time I was awake so I hopped up, showered, and started making pancakes while everyone else snoozed.

Kora & Logan are thrilled to have the day off and I’m happy they get to stay home for another day too. They had both Friday and Monday off this past weekend so this is a long break but I love having them around. Our plans today will be all inside since it was 10 degrees when we woke up with wind chills at 14 below and it’s only going to be a high of 12 today! Yikes!

Weather But we’ll have fun. We played with an at home kids science kit yesterday and I know the kids would love to finish up the rest of the experiments today. I’d also like to make cookies with them and then we’ll probably play a few games.

I’ll have to squeeze in a bit of time to get some of the house clean because Logan’s birthday is tomorrow and we’re having a party for both kids on Saturday. Since my side of the family lives in Michigan and the kids’ birthdays are so close together, we have one combined party for them in Michigan around Thanksgiving and a second here in Ohio around Logan’s birthday. It will be a great time and Kora & Logan are so excited!

I’m looking forward to today and can’t wait to spend it with the kids doing science experiments, baking, and preparing for Saturday’s party. We’ll be doing our best to stay warm too and might mix a warm mug of hot chocolate in or two as well.

What about you? How is your weather today? What do you like to do on a snow day or day off of school?

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  1. MD Kennedy says:

    ONce again today – RAIN! no snow days so far for the kids, but everyone who has to drive to work is happy. I don’t work, so I desperately miss a good “dump!”

  2. We had rotten weather here that day too (Michigan) and I soooooooooooooo wanted a snow day! Our weather cleared up overnight though…must have come your way ;) so we weren’t lucky enough to get it. I like the kids home too.

  3. Joni Mason says:

    The weather here in North Georgia threatens to bring us an ice storm! We used to make snow “paint” when my son was little and off for a snow day. We wold fill spray bottles with water and add a few drops of food coloring and spray, spray, spray!

  4. Jennifer Marie says:

    no snow day here…just freezing cold!!

  5. very fun!

  6. We had the cold burst on Monday. I dont’ like snow but since we only had ONE real big snowfall this year, I felt cheated we didnt get more than a dusting. We had -30 with the windchill and noticed some area schools closed for a couple hours until the temp climbed a bit, but we didn’t. My issues is the darn teens that dont think they need to wear their hats and mittens. They think is not necessary when going in quick from the car to school and vice versa. They just don’t get that skin can be damaged in a matter of only a minute. Kids…they know all til’ their body parts start falling off or they lose an eye. *sarcasm

  7. Betsy Barnes says:

    Our weather is very cold, low this morning was 12 degrees, warmer than yesterdays. When my son was in school, we loved snow days. We would go back to bed, only to be awakened by our son to drive him to the ski slope. Many snow days were spent watching him ski! :)

  8. Susan Smith says:

    I love snow days so I don’t have to drive them to school in the snow. We usually just play games, watch movies or play on the computer. The kids also go outside to play and shovel the driveaway.

  9. I can’t say that I have ever experienced those temperatures where I live. Right now it has been in the low thirties and that is freezing for me. It would be fun to wake up one morning to snow though.

  10. It is so cold outside today. we havent had a snow day all year. Sucks. I actually love that

  11. 10 degrees?! Goodness that is cold! It’s been cold in Atlanta, but lows in the low 30s, but that’s cold for here! Now if we could get some snow that would be nice! We didn’t get a drop last year!

  12. Evelyn Goettner says:

    Cute picture! My kids can’t wait for our 1st snow day of the year. We always watch movies,play games,build a snowman and then have hot chocolate.

  13. We had the 10 degree high days last week. Today hit 60 – tomorrow, too. Happy snow day!

  14. I live in the south at the beach, what’s snow!?!?!

  15. Snow Days are the best! We like to do movies and hot cocoa.

  16. Heather Hayes Panjon says:

    Love Snow Days! Always So Much Fun !:)

  17. we had snow, but no snow day, sounds like fun!

  18. Michelle S says:

    I loved snow days growing up, but now that I’m a SAHM every day is a snow day in the winter. It’s up to -20 here so there’s no going anywhere.

  19. We had a snow day last week! SOOOO exciting! My hubby is a teacher so he stays home so it’s sorta like a day off for ME TOO! :)

  20. saminder gumer says:

    must have been nice. i dont think i have ever had a snow day. that is probably because i live in texas. we have had a hurricane day before. not so fun usually because that means there are a lot of people without power and water. it sounds like it was a fun snow day.

  21. ellen beck says:

    No snow day although last night somone snuck on school grounds and unplugged the buses so they wouldnt all start in a the town next to us. It was -20 here!

  22. Wanda McHenry says:

    Yay for snow days! I remember one year though, we had so many snow days we had to make them up at the end of the school year………that wasn’t fun!

  23. You’re so lucky! I had to go back to work today. Nothing even close to a snow day. Even when it does snow they don’t tell us – I usually find out when I get to work

  24. I love snow days because I remember how exciting they were when I was a kid. It’s freezing here too. It’s 17 out now. Brrr!

  25. Our area is fine so we had school. Not something the kids enjoyed. lol. Glad you had fun.

  26. Its cold here but no snow today (we had snow last week). Our high was 27. Not as cold as you but still cold.

  27. It was always fun and exciting when the kids were younger and we had snow days!

  28. Christina Kelbel says:

    Snow days are super!

  29. Pretty cold, but no snow out here. I loved a good snow day as a kid!

  30. courtney b says:

    you are so pretty, adorable picture.. wish we have snow in az!

  31. My kids aren’t in school yet :) I live in MT.. so it’s always cold!

  32. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love snowdays! We were supposed to get a lot in MA but the storm fizzled out

  33. How fun! We don’t really get any snow days down in Alabama, but when I was growing up in Massachusetts my sister and I always went sledding on snow days.

  34. How fun! We haven’t gotten any snow so far, but the weather has been pretty clear (If COLD!) which has been nice. I’ve missed taking walks!

  35. Christopher Sorel says:

    dang my kids school had no power and water main break this morning. It was -4 at 6:30am and now 11

  36. It sounds like you’re going to have an awesome day! It doesn’t snow here {although my kiddo isn’t in school yet anyway so I guess every day is a snow day!} but it’s only 58 so I’m cold. It’s no 10, but it’s still cold!

  37. we’d anticipated a poss. snow day here but nope! the storm fizzed out. just a dusting. sometimes snow days are the very best days of ALL!

  38. JDaniel has been hoping for snow! Enjoy your snow day!

  39. We had a 2 hour delay – and enjoyed making pictures for that extra time.

  40. Well, we don’t’ have a snow day, but we do have the kids home from school today and I love it! They also had Friday and Monday off. We played far too hard yesterday, so I am grateful for today to just relax and rest and recover. We had so much fun sledding and playing in the snow yesterday. we will probably do a little more of that, but not too much. We still need them rested for school tomorrow. lol.

  41. Ahh, the snow day. Second only to Christmas in magic for kids. And sometimes for adults, too. :)

  42. Kora looks like she won the lottery. Below zero in Chicago but schools are in session.

  43. Best day of a kid’s life, don’t you think? We spent LOTS of time in the snow on snow days, but there was always some yummy baking and snacks too!

  44. Yikes!! Sounds like you’re having similar temperatures as us, only we don’t get the snow or the day off!! My kids were freaking out about the cold this morning! And yea, I love the pic too! You guys look so excited!

  45. Kids are off school, they cancelled it last night on account of the forecast. I just hope they don’t go over their alloted days and have to go extra in the summer. I think they are better off in school on days like this, can’t sled anyway, not enough snow and its freeeeezing!

  46. 70 in FL, but enjoying snow pics from relatives in MI.

  47. I was hoping we were going to be closed today. I know they’ve closed before, not because of snow, but because the temperatures were too dangerous for kids to be waiting at bus stops. But, we still had school. My Logan woke up throwing up this morning though, so he didn’t go. I hope your kids have fun at their party. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Logan!!!

  48. Love your photo! Our temp was 0 this morning and the school is open! I kept my daughter home because she is still coughing and congested from a cold. Wish I was home with her. We could use a fun PJ/snow day.

  49. I love snow days. I love just having the kids around and making hot chocolate and watching it snow.

  50. Jennifer S. says:

    It’s supposed to be in the mid 60s here today and into the 70s tomorrow. We had like 3 weeks of winter here in southern New Mexico. Sucks so bad. I love winter.

  51. What a fun picture! We don’t get snow around here.

  52. We have a snow day today as well! Freezing out and they are calling for more snow today. I’m hibernating today and not going anywhere near the outdoors! Have a good snow day:)

  53. Betty Baez says:

    it snowed last night but no snow day here little man was hoping though because it was freezing this morning he didnt want to leave his warm bed.

  54. Hilarious picture!

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