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Snip Burn Solder Shred Book ReviewWe were recently sent a new book by David Erik Nelson called Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred: Seriously Geeky Stuff to Make with Your Kids. This book is full of new fresh ideas for building and creating things with kids. The book advertises making “seriously geeky stuff” but it was seriously fun and cool stuff!  After reading through a bunch of neat ideas we decided to try to make the PVC teepee. I spent a total of $3 in some PVC tube pipes at the local hardware store.

They cut the pipes and even drilled the holes in the top for me! All I had to do was the sewing. Instead of using a canvas like the book recommended, I cut up an old king sized sheet and followed the books easy directions. Although the sewing was a bit tedious, I was happy to dust off the sewing machine. I used to quilt so I know my way around sewing.

This was the first time Carter had seen the sewing machine and he was thrilled to watch and try to “help”!

The teepee turned out great and was a great fort for our school-aged children, Grant, 7, and Avery 5, while our toddler Carter, nearly 2, was the destructive Indian who kept knocking it down!!!

Here’s a video of the kids playing with the teepee! I was glad that it folds up relatively flat for future play!

The book was a great read and was inspiring to re-use and re-purpose things around our house to make new “toys”! I think some of the other ideas in the book, like the cardboard boomerang, the $10 electric guitar, the FedEx kite, or the Latch’n’Lock treasure chest would all be great projects for either home or one of our girl or boy scout meetings!

It seems like usually I am the one leading craft and projects at home and I was glad that even Tired Dad Andy took an interest in the book and wanted to pursue some of the projects:

Snip, Burn, Solder, Shred is a great inspiring atlas of do-it-yourself recycle or cheap home projects that aren’t your run-of-the-mill paper dolls! If you know a creative fun person looking to build something with kids, or even someone who hasn’t got a clue how to do crafts, this book’s well-written instructions, pictures, and fun attitude would be a great gift to beat boredom!