September 11th Flight 93 Memorial

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This is a post published last year on 2 Wired 2 Tired Travels. I felt it fitting to republish it here today on the anniversary of September 11th.

When you hear the words 9/11 what flashes in your mind? Is it the picture of the plane hitting the second tower, the towers crashing down, the Pentagon on fire, or the smoldering remnants of Flight 93?

On a recent trip to Pennsylvania, Randy requested that we stop by the Flight 93 Memorial.

As you drive through the entrance you are immediately touched by the peacefulness of the surroundings. The 3 mile drive to the memorial are marked by fields of wildflowers and calming ponds.

Flight 93 FieldAfter we parked we noticed all the black: black sidewalks, black seating.

Flight 93 MemorialOff in the distance we could see slabs of white marble.

Flight 93 MemorialsOur first stop was the area temporarily set up with a written history of the day and pictures of all the people that were part of Flight 93′s story and their hometowns.

September 11th MemorialAs we began our meditative walk toward the marble stones we passed through acres and acres of wildflowers blowing in the gentle breeze. Every little while cut out of the black stone were receptacles for visitors to the park to place items that represented what the sacrifice of Flight 93 meant to that person. As we approached the marble I noticed that each one had a name on it representing the men and women on Flight 93.

Flight 93 Memorial Review

Flight 93We were fortunate enough that a park ranger was stationed in that area, as she was able to explain the significance of everything. The area was at one time a coal mine that is why the black stone forms the walkway.

The slabs of marble were each cut out of 40 individual marble pieces and than inscribed with each of the hero’s names. They were then placed not touching each other but with just inches of separation. This represents the fact that it was a group of individuals who do not know each other, who made a commitment to come together for the greater good.

September 11th Flight 93 MemorialThe marble stones were then located on the flight path of the airplane as it made its final hurdle to the ground. When it struck and exploded, the hemlock trees in the area were caught in the huge firestorm and burned. So they have placed at the end of the flight path a wooden gate made from hemlock. Each slate of the gate is the size of a railroad tie with space between to view the crash site.

Flight 93 September 11 MemorialThe site itself is marked by a large bolder and is not approachable by anybody except the families of the heroes. The reason for this is that this is the final resting place of those people aboard that plane that knew what they were facing and despite the danger for themselves carried through their one final act in this world.

Flight 93 Memorial ProjectThe architect for this park should be commended for the thoughtfulness placed into this project.

When the Flight 93 Memorial is completed it will be a fitting tribute to those courageous enough to do what I hope I would do in the same situation.

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  1. I would like to visit this one day.

  2. I didnt know the memorial for flightt 93 was so nice- we only really see NYC. I liked reading this post and enjoyed the pictures.

  3. I don’t think no one will forget 911, I know I think about it everyday and about the families that lost some that day.

  4. I’ll never forget that day and how it affected everyone in the country. This memorial was very well planned, you’re right about the thoughtfulness of the architect.

  5. Jennifer Marie says:

    That is nice that you had someone explain everything. I think that would be very interesting.

  6. Such a nice post about a place that everyone should know about and remember what happened,

  7. Melissa Etheridge: “Tuesday Morning” Lyrics* (GAY RUGBY PLAYER & HERO of FLIGHT 93, 9/11)

    10:03 on a Tuesday morning
    In the fall of an American dream
    Man is doing what he knows is right
    On Flight 93

    Loved his mom and he loved his dad
    Loved his home and he loved his man
    But on that bloody Tuesday morning
    He died an American

    9/11 forever changed me.

  8. Nice tribute

  9. I didn’t even know about this memorial – sure was a sad day

  10. This is a very special place that I really would love to visit one day and pay my respects. Thanks for sharing God Bless them all.

  11. Thomas Murphy says:

    That is a great memorial. I would love to visit it someday.

  12. April Yedinak says:

    I have always been haunted by the sacrifice of the people on Flight 93. I am pleased to see that so much thought went into their memorial.

  13. Christopher Sorel says:

    Need to visit there and they were heroes

  14. Linda Stewart says:

    I will be adding this place to my bucket list. I also want to visit Ground Zero some day.

  15. Michelle Weaver says:

    A great memorial of a terrible day we will never forget.

  16. Sonya Morris says:

    What a beautiful memorial for our hereos.

  17. What a great memorial to honor all of these brave people. Such a horrific day that we will never forget.

  18. Blessie Nelson says:

    Its truely a place that inspires respect and awe of the people who fought with courage!

  19. Thank you for sharing. I did not know of this memorial. What a fitting remembrance for those brave souls.

  20. Wow, great pictures… it was a horrible tragic day and one I will never forget…

  21. so tragic… a day no one will ever forget- great post.

  22. I too am glad you posted this. You really don’t hear about the other locations as much as you do the towers. I didn’t realize all the meanings hidden in the memorial. It is a beautiful thing.

  23. Thanks for sharing this. I went into the memorial website and watched a couple of the videos and I was touched. You don’t hear about this memorial in the news near as much as you do the others, so thank you for sharing your visit to this special place for us to read about.

  24. Etched in our hearts & minds we all know where we were. Dropped the boys off to school, went to the market , it was there time stood still. From the over pass on the highway we could see the twin towers burning, smoke billowing, parents just we t right back to pick up kids from school. MIL, Aunt , Cousin all come home. My neighbor father of four never came home. He’ll be in our hearts forever.

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