Scentsy Warmer – Review

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We all have some not so fresh odors in our homes… and even though I have spring fever it’s not quite warm enough in Cleveland to open your windows to freshen the house! When Scentsy wanted us to try their products I was excited! I have been hearing people talk about Scentsy and I wasn’t sure exactly what it was, but was glad to have learned more.

Scentsy is a company that has independent consultants that can come to your home to help you host a party and they have lots of great products to help keep your life smelling fresh!

Some of their products include plug-ins, electric wax warmers, tin air fresheners, foam hand sanitizer, circle hanging air fresheners, and even had stuffed animals with scented pouches inside to freshen kids’ rooms! When I browsed their catalog I was amazed at so many different sizes and styles of warmers to choose from. They also had lots of different scented wax to choose from.

They sent me a mid-sized electric wax warmer in “Mission Slate” design.

Scentsy Wamer Review

The warmer comes in two pieces, a top and a bottom. It works by an electric lightbulb in the base melting the wax placed in the top portion.

Scentsy Warmer

I liked the concept because not only I am always afraid to have burning candles with my curious and accident prone kids running around haphazardly in the house, but we also just recently had our home painted and I don’t want the soot from candles making black marks on the fresh white ceiling!

They sent me 2 Scentsy Bars, Vanilla Cream ( smelled good enough to eat!) and Shades of Green (a refreshing spring smell). The wax came in a plastic package that was in a grid-like form so I could break chunks of wax off easily.

Scentsy Wax Refills

The wax didn’t take long to melt and melted completely into a liquid. I also liked that the directions promoted pouring warm melted wax back into the package for re-use if you wanted to change wax scents.

My house smelled amazing! I placed the warmer near the front door and on the opposite end of our home in my bedroom I could smell the vanilla. My son even thought I had baked cupcakes when he came home from school!

Overall, I really enjoyed the Scentsy warmer and I will definitely buy refills and continue to use it! You can buy the products from a local consultant or at the Scentsy website..

The product was provided for review. No compensation was received. The honest opinions are my own.

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  1. How long does one bar last for?

  2. I love selling Scentsy! The Odor Out room spray really gets rid of the funkiness, too.

  3. Holly Hennessy Swint says:

    I have yet to use a warmer of any kind but will have to get one soon since I have won some bars from giveaways! LOL I like that they are electric not like the warmers that use the tea light candles under them.

  4. That’s AWESOME that you like Scentsy and will continue to use it! If you don’t already have a consultant, please feel free to check out my site And there are always specials going on! I hope to hear from you.

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