Book provided for review. The honest opinions are our own.

We recently read Scary School written by Derek the Ghost and illustrated by Scott M. Fischer.

Scary School Book Review

I originally got the book for by 2nd grader.  However, she found it a bit difficult to read yet, so we decided to read it together.  To my surprise even my 4 year old enjoyed.

The book is delightfully funny with moody dragons, vampires and T-Rex’s on every page.  Even though many students meet their demise in these silly stories, they are always brought back to life in one form or another and have learned a valuable lessons.

The characters are imaginative and entertaining and will keep your kids laughing.  The sketchbook style illustrations were a favorite with my kids.  If you have an older child, they will definitely enjoy reading this book, or if you have younger children, you can have fun reading it to them.