Kora’s been taking roller skating lessons for the past month or so and I have to say I’ve never seen her happier to learn something new. She loves it and is constantly counting down the days until class.

a6I didn’t even know that roller skating lessons were an option until one of her classmates had a birthday party at a roller rink. It was the first time Kora ever really roller skated and even though she fell down more than she stood up she was all smiles the entire time.

While at the party Dave happened to pick up a brochure that stated lessons were only $16 for the whole month. Since they were so affordable we asked her if she’d like to take lessons. Her eyes lit up and she immediately said yes.

She’s now taken four classes and it is just so cute. She learned how to scissor skate (moving your feet in and out without taking them off the ground) and to roll-push off with one foot-roll-push off with the other foot.

a7It took a bit but by the last class she got the hang of it and even passed her test to move on to the advanced beginners class where she’ll learn how to stop, skate backwards, and more.

a5It’s been a wonderful class and it’s such a joy to see her having so much fun. I remember skating with my sister when we were little. We would spend hours spinning and twirling around our basement or out in the driveway. It’s funny because I don’t remember learning how to skate but how much fun we had always sticks with me.

I was also impressed to hear that the rink has a sort of roller skating dance team that travels to various competitions. There’s one little girl that practices before Kora’s class and she’s so graceful, it’s like she floats along the floor. I can’t get over the moves she does on roller skates, it’s really amazing how young she is and how much it feels like I’m watching figure skating. I didn’t know you could do so many similar things on roller skates.

The roller skating lessons were a great discovery and I enjoy heading to the roller rink once a week with Kora to watch her smile, laugh, and skate. And it makes me happy that she looks forward to it even more than me!

What about you? Have you found any great event or activities that you were surprised about in your area? Have you ever roller skated?