I have seen a kettlebell before, I have even tried working out with one, but honestly I just didn’t get it. That’s why I am excited to work with RKS to review the RKS Kettlebell System and share my honest opinions and affiliate links. After reading the materials sent over and the website, I’m happy to say it all changed my opinion of this funny looking weight!

RKS Kettlebell SystemThe RKS  or Reinhardt Kettlebell System is designed to provide a full body workout that has been scientifically proven to improve your strength, flexibility and cardiovascular condition.  The RKS program uses simple, easy to learn and repeat exercises which are able to be completed by anyone at any fitness level.  The system is put together to help you realize your best fitness in simply 2 hours a week (a 30 minute workout, 4 times a week).

Notice, I said simple and easy to learn the 19 moves/exercises in the RKS program. I most definitely did not say easy to perform! Which is exactly what gets you into shape quickly if you’re committed to the program.

Each of the exercises are made up of movements that work out multiple muscles and muscle groups at the same time, in a combination of cardio and weight training. For example, the first workout consists of doing one simple exercise,  swinging the kettlebell.

This sounds easy enough, you do your swings, then you get a quick break, then you do it again.

This is pretty easy for the first couple of times, then it gets progressively more challenging as you continue the remainder of the workout.

I use the 15lb RKS kettlebell and definitely feel the burn. I get a bit winded too feeling multiple muscle groups getting a full workout.  Needless to say, I was sore the next day, but that’s a good feeling!

All of the workouts are easy to follow, you get both visual and verbal explanation of how to properly do the exercises, along with a countdown clock for both the set and the total remaining time for the workout.

As the workouts progress (there are 16 of them in total – including some Challenge workouts), you are introduced to more challenging exercises, you train for longer intervals and your rest periods are shortened.   It is neat because the exercises build on the basic moves, but you can tell they are more demanding, and with that comes a higher sense of satisfaction.

This RKS Kettlebell System comes with:

  • 1 Instructional DVD
  • 9 DVDs with 12, 30 minute workouts
  • 4 “Doug Challenge” workouts (a total of 16 workouts)
  • Nutrition Guide
  • Training  Poster with pictures of the basic moves.

RKS Kettlebell System ReviewAs with any exercise program, committing to it and finding time in a busy schedule are the two biggest excuses for not exercising.  RKS offers a simple solution, 2 hours a week to perform a workout you can do in your living room.  I pop the DVD workout on the computer and have the TV on and just follow along with the screen. After doing this a couple of times, I don’t even need the DVD sound on, so there is really no excuse! You can do this while you watch tv.

I highly recommend the RKS Kettlebell System to anyone looking for a fun and different way to get in shape.