Thank you to Wikets for sponsoring this post. The honest opinions are my own.

When you come across something fantastic, what’s the first thing you do? Generally I will hop on my social media sites and share my great find. I have to login to numerous places, write each tweet or status update, and then send them off. This takes time and sometimes I think to myself that I’ll get around to sharing it later and then I never do.

Now, thanks to the new iPhone app, Wikets, I can share my favorite recommendations on Facebook, Twitter, and through the Wikets community. All in one place.

WiketsOn top of that, Wikets is a fun app because it rewards you for sharing. Points are earned for every recommendation made. And whenever other Wikets users act on items you shared, you get rewarded. There are 3 ways to earn rewards through the actions of other Wikets members:

  • Whenever someone “re-recs”(re-recommends – it’s like a retweet) an item you recommended
  • Whenever someone adds an item you shared to their wishlist you get more points
  • Whenever someone purchases an item you recommended – even more points!

Wikets AppEarning points isn’t difficult. In fact, Wikets uses your location, as well as Yelp and Foursquare, to find some of your favorite area stores, businesses, restaurants, bars, and more. You can scroll through the list and recommend any of the places you frequent often and leave a comment about why you like it.

You can also search for products through online stores like Amazon, the iTunes App Store, Best Buy, eBay, Old Navy, and more.

Wikets iPhone App

Wikets App Review

You can also make recommendations by scanning a barcode on an item. So simple and fun!

Another fun feature is scrolling through your Followers feed. Wikets is a social sharing community and you can follow other members. It’s a great way to connect with others and when you scroll through your Followers feed you can see what others are recommending and then you can re-rec, add to your wishlist, or purchase items as well.


How easy is that?!

I love how simple Wikets makes sharing. Since using the app, I watched my points total grow. Every time I find myself standing in line somewhere, visiting a favorite spot, or buying a new item, I open up the Wikets app and share away. It’s fun hearing the app chime every time someone acts on one of my shares. Not only is it neat to know that others are enjoying your recommendations, but every time it chimes you’re that much closer to your payout!

When you reach 2,500 points you can turn them in for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. I think this is a great deal, because you can find almost anything on Amazon!

Since Wikets is all about rewarding its members, you get 200 points simply for signing up and and when you are asked for a promo code, be sure to enter 2wired2tired for another 200 additional points! That’s 400 points just for signing up! Download Wikits in the iTunes app store to get started.

After you sign up and enter your promo code (2wired2tired), you’ll be asked 3 basic questions including your favorite book, favorite movie, and favorite restaurant and you’ll be rewarded for answering those questions too!

That’s all there is to it. After following these steps you’ll have points in your account and will be on your way to earning more rewards!

Wikets App ReviewsGood luck and when you sign up don’t forget to use the 2wired2tired code for extra points and be sure to follow me!