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As we are wrapping up our holiday shopping, I have to mention one of my favorite online shopping sites – As a “Wired” family, we are always interested in the latest technology and gadgets and since RadioShack is the leading national retailer of mobile, home, and personal technology products, it’s the perfect place to shop.


That’s why recently when I was looking for a holiday gift for myself, I knew would have a wonderful selection of products and I’d find something ideal for a great price.

I’m happy to say that while browsing the site, I came across the Kindle Touch 3G for only $149. Once ordered I could hardly wait for it to arrive!

When it did get here, I immediately opened it and felt like a kid at Christmas. To say I’m a book lover, is a bit of an understatement. I graduated from college with an English degree. Going to school and being required to read books all day, every day were some of the happiest years of my life!

Dave will attest to my love of books whenever we moved and he was the one that “got” to carry my overflowing and heavy boxes of books from house to house.

Now with the Kindle Touch 3G from, I’ll be able to have 3,000 books with me at all times and they will only weigh 7.8 ounces!

I adore this Kindle. I find it amazing that it can hold all of those books and that it is so easy to use. With just a few taps on the screen I can pull up any book I want and I like that it always opens to the last page I read.

Kindle TouchAlso, using a Kindle specific email address, I can email myself PDF’s and Word documents and read them right on the Kindle.

Kindle Touch 3G ReviewsThe 6″ inch screen is the perfect size and the high-contrast, no glare e-ink is very easy to read. I like how simple it is to change the size of the font as well, so you can pick which is easiest on your eyes.

I also love the free 3G wireless. I can be anywhere and decide to shop at the Amazon Kindle store, buy a book, and have it download to the Kindle in less than 30 seconds. Amazing!

My absolute favorite feature just may be the touch screen. As an iPhone and iPad user, I’ve become very accustomed to tapping and swiping the screen. So it’s wonderful to carry over that technology onto this eReader as well. I’ve used other eReaders that didn’t offer a touch screen and they felt far less streamlined, smooth, and futuristic than the Kindle 3G Touch does.

Other features of the Kindle Touch 3G that I like include:

  • The text-to-speech option – it can read the book to you!
  • X-Ray – lets you examine the book further, for example you can see all of the passages in a book related to a specific topic
  • Automatic back-up – it backs up your library to the cloud automatically, so you’ll never lose your books

Kindle Touch 3G ReviewThis Kindle is the version with the special offers. I wondered how annoying they might be, but honestly I don’t mind them at all. They don’t show up while reading, only as the screensaver when you put the Kindle to sleep. I think they’ve done a great job in making them attractive and eye-catching (which is kind of the point, right?) and honestly I kind of like looking at them. Here’s an example of some of the special offers I’ve seen on my Kindle.
Kindle Touch ReviewsAgain these only show up when the Kindle is put to sleep or off. If you are debating about saving money and getting a Kindle with the special offers, based on my experience I say go for it and save yourself that money. They really aren’t a hindrance or bother to me at all.

I highly recommend the Kindle Touch 3G to any other book lovers out there. It’s an amazing way to continue your love of reading in this high-tech world we now live in. This Kindle is exciting to use and read and with the ability to carry around 3,000 books, connect to 3G for free, buy new books in less than a minute, you’ll never get bored.

Here’s a video I made to give you a better feel for it:

I recommend purchasing the Kindle Touch 3G on At a great price from the nation’s leading retailer in technology products you know you are buying from the best.

While you’re at beware however, if you happen to start clicking around you may get lost in there. It really is a tech toyland!

I confess that I couldn’t get away from the Video Games & Toys department! With a wide, unique, and fun selection of video games and toys, I found myself adding to Kora & Logan’s wish lists even though we are just days away from Christmas!