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While I love my iPhone, one thing I can’t stand is bubbles, fingerprints, and scratches on the screen protector. That’s why when I heard about the PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield Kit for the iPhone, I knew it was something we’d love to try.

PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield KitThe PureTek Roll-On Screen Shield Kit allows you to easily place an industrial strength, bubble-free, scratch-free, self-healing screen protector onto your phone.

PureGear ReviewThe kit comes with with a self-aligning application tray and roller that make applying the screen shield a breeze.

iPhone Screen Protector

Here’s a video of Dave using the kit to put the screen protector on his phone.

You can see how easy it is and how great it looks.

Screen ProtectorThe screen protector that he applied in the video above is for the iPhone 4S. Dave has been so pleased with how crisp, clear, bubble, and scratch-free the protector is that I can’t wait to get one for my iPhone 3GS.

We recommend this kit to anyone looking for a high-quality iPhone screen protector. The kit is simple to use and we love that the screen protector is made of indestructible material and offers self-healing technology. There’s no worries about the protector or screen getting scratched or damaged due to being dropped or knocked around (not that we would ever accidentally do that to our beloved iPhones!).