Powersharp Chainsaw Sharpener Review

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Tired Mom Tésa has a unique ability to be frugal, even when she doesn’t intend to.  We recently had the opportunity to review the POWERsharp sharpening attachment from Oregon Chain.


This is such a simple and easy way to perform what is generally a VERY monotonous task – sharpening the chain of your chainsaw.

Now to get back to my frugal comment.   Compliments of Oregon Chain, Tired Mom Tésa was able to get the POWERsharp for her loving husband and wonderful father of her children (ME!) for Father’s Day.  This not only knocked out a present for me, but it just so happened that we were visiting her parents on Father’s Day, and would you believe,  Mom and Dad had recently had a tree cut down and needed  a slave . . . servant . . . son-in-law to cut up and split the wood into fire pit size logs.

Powersharp Review

Fortunately for me the splitting is yet to be done, and I am hoping my brother in law makes a trip to my Out-Laws In-Laws house before I get back up there to do the splitting.

As I was cutting up this mammoth tree (it will get bigger every time I tell the story) I had the opportunity to use the POWERsharp a couple of times.  It is very simple and more importantly very safe.   You simply clip it onto the chainsaw, the POWERsharp has metal posts that lock into the open holes at the front of the bar, and then you close it and lock it up.

Powersharp ReviewPowersharp Reviews

Next, you fire up the chainsaw with the sharpener on it and push it against any solid and stable object such as the tree stump or a brick wall, and this pushes the sharpening stone against the blades and is hands down the easiest fastest and safest way to sharpen your chainsaw blades.

Powersharp Chainsaw Sharpener

This is a perfect gift idea, but to all Husbands out there, be careful what you ask for, because you know Wifey may very well buy this gift for you with ulterior motives, like making you to work as opposed to watching the ballgame while enjoying your favorite beverage.

Powersharp Reviews

Honestly, I can say that thanks to the POWERsharp, I was looking for the next project, or just something else to cut down, but don’t tell Tired Mom Tésa or she may find another project for me.

The product was provided for review. No compensation was received. The honest opinions are my own.

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  1. Martin Jones says:

    Guys, using a saw without the proper personal protective equipment is a big no. Seriously, you’re using a Stihl wearing shorts, tee shirt, flip flops… No hard hat, ear defenders etc., you’re asking for trouble!

  2. Thanks for the review but when I saw you cutting with no protective gear and in flip flops I had to wonder if you are really any kind of authority on chain saws!

  3. Your saw may be sharp, but if you guys don’t dress appropriately for cutting wood you’re going to be missing more than tree limbs….. Spend a few bucks on some chaps and boots and spare your family the horror of seeing arms and legs strewn about.

    But thanks for the review on the PowerSharp tool. That’s really what I was looking for when I came across Tesa’s blog.

  4. This just might become a birthday present for my husband. Thanks for sharing. I love reading reviews of things, so that I can get better ideas for gifts and such

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