I don’t know what we did before iPads. We love ours and I want to make it sure it stays safe and that’s why I am excited to work with Pong to review the Pong iPad Case and share my honest opinions and affiliate links

We’ve been so pleased with the Pong iPad Casethat we haven’t seen our old case since this one arrived.

Pong CaseWhat we love about the Pong case is the incredible array of features. Some of our favorites include:

  • The soft leather faux cover that can be folded into a a variety of configurations.
  • The cover puts the iPad to sleep when closing it and wakes it up when opening.
  • Pong is the only case certified by the FCC certified laboratories to protect users from electromagnetic radiation. Pong’s patented antenna technology spreads and redistributes the electromagnetic radiation lowering the specific absorption rate by up to 82% below FCC limits.
  • The unique design and technology allows the iPad’s antenna to be exposed at all times which keeps the transmission power optimized.

The Pong case is durable, attractive, stylish, and lightweight. Folding it up in various ways is fun and allows us to turn the iPad into a vertical or horizontal stand in a number of ways.

Pong Case ReviewHere’s a video of some of the ways we like to use the case.

We recommend the Pong iPad Case because of the features mention above and when you use the iPad as much as we do, it’s nice to know we are being protected from electromagnetic radiation simply by using the case.