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He’s making a list.  He’s checking it twice.

I recently ordered from Personal Creations a picture of Santa Claus holding a list of names.  Not just any names, but our family’s names!

Personal Creations Santa CanvasCan you imagine the surprise of our grandchildren when they walked in and saw their names on a picture?  They were all amazed.  The first question was, “How did you do that?!”

This picture brought up far more discussion than I thought it would. Since the list doesn’t say naughty or nice, my granddaughters asked which was it?  We decided that since Santa was smiling and there were presents on the floor it must be the good list. The next question was, whose house was it? This was answered by one of the girls that it must be their cousin’s and Santa is checking the list to see where he has to go to next. Too cute!

The Santa’s List Canvas picture is a gallery wrap, but I also ordered it in a frame. The red color on Santa’s suit is vibrant and sharp.The names printed on his list are easy to read so that our grandchildren had no trouble recognizing that it was a list of our family. The picture actually reminds me of an oil painting. The frame is well-made and sturdy and comes with a mounting hook taped to the back.

In glancing through the Personal Creations catalog, I was surprised at the number of items they carry.  All kinds of items for the holidays from ornaments, towels, rugs and clothing. They also have gifts for every occasion you can think of.  They even have a “Just Because” section that includes photos puzzles and hand painted  caricature prints.  I wish I had known about them, when I wandered all over looking for a First Communion gift for our granddaughter!