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Peppa Pig Happy Mrs. Chicken is coming to an app near you! Peppa Pig and his friends George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig, Suzy Sheep and Rebecca Rabbit are jumping off of the TV screen and on to your Phone and Tablet! Join the lovable stars of the hit animated series Peppa Pig for some great gaming action on your phones and tablets.

Peppa Pig is an app designed for children ages 2-5. Your child will have fun completing puzzles, mazes and other interactive games all while improving and working their thinking, hand-eye coordination, and processing skills.

Game Choices

Chickn Coop StartThe Peppa Pig app will have your child listening and perfecting the included puzzles while audio instructions guide them in each of the 6 options. Each level offers you the ability to earn a sticker for accomplishing the goal a certain number of times. The games your child can play include:

Happy Mrs. Chicken which will have your child tapping the screen in order to have the chicken lay as many eggs as possible. This seems simple, but your child will love seeing how many eggs can be laid in one round, and try to beat the score and get the eggs to be laid in a pattern.

Maze involve picking one of 6 mazes and helping guide your chicks through the maze by placing feed and directing the chicks to the exit. The mazes range in difficulty from 1-6 and they will work with problem solving and hand-eye coordination.

Chicken Coop offers 4 levels with different times to accomplish your goal. You are required to guide the different chicks to their proper home.

Chicken CoopMuddy Puddles has you controlling your characters and having them jump in as many puddles as possible in the allotted time frame. You can gain stickers by meeting the goals and winning the round.

Jigsaw Puzzle gives you 3 different puzzle choices consisting of 4, 9, and 16 pieces. The pieces are on the screen above and you click and drag them into the proper positioning on the puzzle, upon successful completion you can earn a sticker.

PuzzleSticker Book allows you to take all of the stickers you have earned from other portions of the game and place them onto one of eight backgrounds. Your child has the ability to earn over 30 stickers to play with and place on these backgrounds. This section is the reward for your child completing the other levels successfully.

Sticker BookAs you can see, Kora & Logan have had a great time playing this game, every time they do, they really enjoy it, they are laughing and having fun with the different games that you can play.

Peppa Pig Happy Mrs. Chicken is available in iTunes and Google Apps for a small price. This App will provide your child with hours of learning and fun.