Our Holiday Road Trip Wish List #GiftsThatDo

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This holiday season we will be traveling a lot. My side of the family lives in Michigan and Dave’s side is scattered all over Ohio. Kora & Logan have been taking road trips to visit family since before they were born so while they are pros, it’s still important to me to keep them as entertained as possible to make the trips go faster. I remember how long a 20 minute ride could be when I was a kid, so it’s impressive to me that they can go 3 hours or more without much complaining.

Since we’ve traveled the roads so often with the kids, I’ve put together a collection of our favorite holiday road trip tips, tricks, and even a wish list to help keep everyone in the family entertained and happy.

Road Trip Bingo


What’s a road trip without car bingo? This is a classic that I loved playing with my family growing up and Kora & Logan love Bingo so I know it’s a sure hit. It’s something we could all play, except for the driver, and the downloadable game boards offer variety and fun to make those long hours fly by.

No-Sew I Spy Bag


Kora & Logan love the I Spy books and this would be a big hit. The tutorial makes it look very easy and even though I’m not crafty it’s something I can do. I like that you can customize it with whatever little toys or objects you would like and you could put as many or as few in as you’d like to vary the difficulty level. This would be such a big hit with the kids I might make a couple of them.

Crayola Cartridge for LeapPad and Explorer


Scholastic Magic School Bus Oceans Cartridge for LeapPad and Explorer

LeapFrog Magic School Bus



We are big fans of LeapFrog products here at our house and in our car. Their toys and games offer great educational value while being tons of fun for the kids. Kora & Logan already have the LeapFrog Explorers so the Crayola and Magic School Bus game cartridges would be a great addition to their collection. They love to draw and color and Magic School Bus is one of their favorite shows.

LeapFrog LeapPad 2 Explorer


Since they enjoy their Explorers so much they would love a LeapPad 2 as well. The 5″ touchscreen makes everything easy to see and adds fun interactive elements as well. I know the kids would enjoy the front and back cameras as well so they could spend lots of time snapping photos as we zoomed past fields, farms, bridges, and buildings. I’d look forward to hearing them say, “Mommy & Daddy, look what I did!” whether it’s a drawing, a photo, or achieving a new level on one of the games.

Travel Snacks


Prepared snacks are a must have on any road trip. It’s no fun scrambling around trying to keep everyone happy and fed when food is in the trunk or under the seat or bouncing around at your feet. Kora & Logan would love this neat travel snack container. They’d think it was so fun that they got to choose what to eat and I’m sure they’d snack on a bit of this here and a bit of that there. It’s a great idea to while away the hours.

PB&J Sushi


This is such a simple idea for a more hearty meal than the snacks above. Kora and Logan would love seeing their traditional pb&j sandwich flattened & rolled up while I would appreciate the simple preparation and good taste.

Road Trip Binder


This is the road trip binder of all road trip binders! I wish I had come across this when we drove down to South Carolina this summer. It’s packed full of printables including a map of the U.S. with the trip mapped out for them to follow along, it has a license plate game, an I Spy game, a slug bug game, an alphabet game, and even a word of the day game, and it doesn’t stop there. This binder is so chock full of road trip fun for the whole family that “Are we there yet?” just might never be uttered…I can hope!

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo 3DS



Kora & Logan’s cousin has a 3DS and this is one item at the top of their list. The vivid colors and 3D depth are so incredible that I know Dave and I would be playing alongside them as well -not while driving of course! I like that you can adjust how much depth you want to see with the Depth Slider and the augmented reality games sound amazing. The selection of Mario games would be huge hit with the kids and I know they would want every one. The inward and outward facing cameras sound fun as well. I could see the kids happily playing their Nintendo 3DS’s on our road trips and when we finally arrive saying, “We’re there already!”

This holiday season is going to be filled with road trips but now that we have our wish list ready we are going to be prepared this year. I’m excited to have a few projects on my hands and even a stop to Best Buy ahead of me.

I’m also happy to say that this holiday season Best Buy has a fantastic site titled “Gifts That Do.” Items from our wishlist are being featured so be sure to head over there to check it out and see what else we are hoping to get this holiday season!

Gifts That Do What about you? What’s on your holiday wish list this? Any seasonal road trips in your future?

No products were received. Compensation was provided. The honest opinions are my own.

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  1. Billie Pesanski says:

    We love to travel two hours away to see the PA Wild Elk Herd..The twins often need activites such as this for the road trip!

  2. Love the road trip binder! Do you have printouts for that?

  3. You have some great ideas! I always bring the Leapad with us because it is a big hit!I will be saving this list! Thanks!

  4. We’re taking a road trip next week (just 4 hours), but that will be our last until after the baby is born. Unfortunately, our 5 year old gets carsick pretty easily so most car games, tablets, etc., are out. We rely mostly on upbeat CDs and our trusty DVD player.

  5. That’s it! I’m stealing your snack tray idea!! How awesome…I’ll be traveling too with 3 kiddos and this is perfect!!

  6. Really great ideas! And I also really love the snack container – I bet it’s a great way to stop yourself from eating to bad while on the road.

  7. What a great post. That Bingo game for road trips is such a great idea!

  8. I love those tips.

  9. Great ideas! The PB&J sushi is so cute!

  10. Those are awesome ideas. I love the no sew spy bag.

  11. some really great ideas. I love the eye spy bags and travel snacks idea!

  12. I love the snack bin! How cute is that PB & J Sushi!

  13. I love that binder of ideas. I made that kind of thing myself, but this would have made my work a little easier!

  14. These are awesome!!! That road trip bingo! Seriously I wish we would have had that when we lived in Kansas and did those horrible 12 hr trips to Idaho to visit family! Oh goodness!! that would have saved us a lot of headaches!

    And I love the snack bin idea too! Would have saved a lot of mess in the van too. lol.

  15. I love these ideas. We always have a winter and a summer road trip to my family in the Midwest, so we’re always on the lookout for travel ideas!

  16. Oh, I love all of these ideas! We travel a lot too and this will definitely come in handy!

  17. These are some great ideas. I have used a lot of them on family road trips myself with the kids.

  18. i like the snack idea!! my friend jenni did the road trip binder this summer and it was a huge hit with her boys.


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