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When I first heard of the Octonauts, I was intrigued. It’s an animated series for children ages 2-6 that features a group of underwater heroes who work together to help sea creatures and protect marine life.

Octonauts ReviewIn college, I needed a few extra credits to graduate. There was a course available that involved traveling out to the San Juan Islands off the coast of Washington for whale watching, tide pool exploring, and marine life education. It was an incredible trip and ever since I have been interested in sea and the animals in it.

That’s why I was excited to see a cute children’s show, Octonauts, on Disney Jr. at 6:30 am EST/5:30 am CT. It’s a fantastic show that shares a love of the ocean life and animals with children. Kora & Logan recently watched an episode of Octonauts and this is what Kora had to say about it:

The show is about a crew of eight underwater heroes who rescue underwater animals and help protect their ocean habitat. Every episode is a new adventure and a new opportunity to learn about marine life. I like that the show teaches children facts about sea animals and plants including how they look, how they act, and where they live. These facts are presented in an informative but fun way. It’s amazing how much of this information Kora & Logan retain and then repeat at random times throughout the day.

I like that each episode ends with a Creature Report which sums up everything the kids learned in that show. The reports are set to music which is an enjoyable way to reinforce the facts about the animal or plants.

Octonauts is based on the book series by Meomi and the show animation is cute and colorful which captures children’s attention.

OctonautsIt is an entertaining and educational show that Kora & Logan have asked to watch over and over again. I’m happy to let them watch it and to recommend it to others with children in their lives who love sea animals or who simply love high quality television programming for children.