Thank you to Myself Belts for providing the product for review. The honest opinions are my own.

The Myself Belt seems self-explanatory- a belt that young children can put on themselves. So when they wanted someone to volunteer to try it out and give a review, I was happy to oblige!

Trying to get three little ones and yourself ready and out the door is already trying- why not add an easy belt to the wardrobe as one less thing I have to do before jolting out the door?! I’m happy to say the Myself Belt fully met and exceeded my expectations!

The belt features a loop with a snap that securely fastens to the first belt loop to keep the belt from slipping through all the other loops! The child then threads the belt through the belt loops themselves and they can Velcro fasten the “buckle” independently.

I loved this!

I chose a simple design with khaki, white, and navy blue stripes that can be used with many outfits.

I also love that the belt is made in America and was featured in the 2009 People magazine gift guide.

The Myself Belt left me thinking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” and priced at under $15 is a great buy!