Now that I’ve had the Samsung Galaxy S3 for a couple of months I’m excited to share one of my favorite features – Live Wallpapers. I received the S3 for review and to share my honest opinions and one of my first discoveries were Live Wallpapers. At first I had no idea what they were and just thought they were your typical static wallpapers with a different name. But I was wrong, they are animated, interactive, and so fun!

Live WallpaperI was surprised to learn they are only available for Android mobile phones but was excited to see that there are live wallpapers for just about everything from news, sports, food, travel, and more.

To access this setting on the S3 simply hold your finger down on the home screen and a new window will open up. Select “Live Wallpapers” and scroll through your choices clicking the one you would like to set as your wallpaper. That’s it you’re done. If you want more simply visit the Google Play Store and type in “Live Wallpapers.” Download the ones you like and now you can sit back and enjoy watching leaves falls, palm trees sway, fish swim, snowflakes fall, read news, or even set it to display your own gallery photos in a mosaic slideshow.

Here’s a quick video about how they work and what they look like in action:

Here is a collection of my favorite free live Wallpapers for the Samsung Galaxy S3.  I have to say there really are so many it was hard to narrow it down!

Shake Them All

Live Wallpaper - Despicable MeI had to list this one first because it may be my absolute favorite. You pick from a hundreds of characters including the Android mascot, the minions from Despicable Me, the Toy Story aliens, Mr. Potato Head, Hello Kitty, snowflakes, footballs, and more & they fall from the top of your screen. You can shake the S3 & tumble them together. You can drag your finger on the characters or objects and propel them around the screen.

The characters can be sound activated too. Here’s a video of Logan making silly noises to get them to move:

It’s such a fun wallpaper it feels more like a game and one that makes me smile every time!

Photo Wall

Live Wallpaper - PhotosThere is a nice Photo Wall wallpaper in the default collection on the S3 that displays photos from your gallery in a fantastic animated mosaic collage. There is also a PhotoWall (notice no space between the words) wallpaper by Larva Labs that you can download in Google Play Store that will show photos from your Instagram, Facebook, & Picasa feeds. It’s incredible and a really fun way to see and share your friends’ pictures. There are also a number of setting options including slideshow speed, photo effects, and more.

Aquarium Free

Relax and watch a variety of colorful fish swim by. It’s like having a mini-aquarium in your hand.

Live Wallpaper - Aquarium

Sun Rise Free 

Gaze at the silhouette of a tree with a beautiful sunrise, a gorgeous rainbow, and watch as clouds float through and birds fly by.

Live Wallpaper Sunrise

Galaxy S3 Dandelion

Watch as the dandelion seeds float gracefully around the screen and poke them to send them spiraling in different directions.

Live Wallpaper - Samsung S3 Dandelion

Blue Skies Free

If you like to fly you’ll love this wallpaper. It has you soaring through the clouds like a bird or an airplane. It’s amazing and so fun. If you’re afraid of heights though, this one may not be for you.

Live Wallpaper Blue Skies

Falling Leaves

If you can’t get enough of the beautiful fall foliage this year or you live in an area where the seasons don’t change, than this wallpaper is for you. Watch as beautiful autumn leaves flutter down from the surrounding trees.

Live Wallpaper - Falling Leaves


Pop bubbles as they float around your screen. It keeps score of how many bubbles you’ve popped. You can customize your theme, bubble colors, and number of bubbles.

Live Wallpaper - Bubble

What about you? Which Live Wallpaper is or would be your favorite if you had the Samsung Galaxy S3?