Thank you to The Mother Company for providing The Feelings Show for review. The honest opinions are my own.

We’ve hit a bit of a rough communication patch around here with 4-year-old Kora. She has been quick to cry and then has trouble telling us what is bothering her. It’s become frustrating trying to help her because she seems to be having a tough time communicating what she’s feeling and why.

So when we were recently contacted by The Mother Company to review The Feelings Show, the first episode in their “Ruby’s Studio,” I was very excited.

After reading that The Mother Company is a company whose aim is to assist preschool-age children in developing character, a stronger sense of self-worth, and solid problem skills and that The Feelings Show was created to help children recognize, understand, articulate, and move through their feelings, I knew it was a DVD that could help us all.

Kora & Logan love The Feelings Show and would watch it every day or more if they could. And I think it’s a fun, fantastic way to teach children about feelings. The show has many different segments including:

  • Animated Stories – one is even narrated by Mel Brooks
  • Original Songs – the Happy Song will get your feet tapping & your kids singing
  • Garden Theater Puppet Show – a show within a show
  • Interviews with Real Kids – unscripted kids discussing their thoughts about feelings
  • At-Home Activities – these are simple enough your preschoolers can do them mostly on their own but each one carries an important message

Here’s a video of Kora & Logan enjoying The Feelings Show. Be sure to watch to the end to catch a cute interview with the kids talking about the show:

Since watching The Feelings Show, Kora has learned how to slow down, take a breath, and tell us what she’s feeling. We still have a few crying jags here and there but after a helpful reminder from The Feelings Show, she’s quickly gets back on track and seems much happier.

I can’t say enough about The Feelings Show and highly recommend it whether your child is struggling with their feelings or not. It teaches lessons that can be carried on throughout life is such a fun way they are sure not to be forgotten.

You can check out a sneak peak trailer of The Feelings Show on The Mother Company website.