Monkey Thieves Empty A Samsung Refrigerator – Sponsored Video

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I recently watched this funny video about a gang of monkey thieves emptying the contents of a Samsung refrigerator. It’s cute enough to share here and it’s sure to provide a laugh or two.

This post is sponsored by Samsung and the video got me thinking. How easy is it to find things in your refrigerator?

Honestly ours is a mess. I don’t mean it’s not clean, just difficult to keep organized. It’s an old side-by-side that we bought used when our old one died a few years ago. The shelving and drawers in both the fridge and freezer need to be rearranged differently so finding things isn’t quite so difficult. We area always forgetting about items in the freezer because they get buried in the drawers and by the time we remember them they are suffering from freezer burn.

On top of all this our bottom drawer in the refrigerator broke a few months ago and now it won’t slide in easily. This is frustrating because if it’s not in just right the fridge door doesn’t close properly. We’ve walked away a few times not realizing it wasn’t shut.

The Samsung refrigerator in the video above has me thinking about how nice it would be to have a new refrigerator. I love the Easy In Easy Out feature which, as the monkey’s demonstrate, makes it very simple to find what your are looking for. I noticed that it also has a freezer on the bottom too which would give us more space than we have now with our current refrigerator. I love all the clear drawers in both the fridge and freezer too. Finding things would be a breeze with this Samsung refrigerator.

This video was fun to watch and now I’m excited to go refrigerator shopping! I’m adding these fridge features to the top of our wishlist and can’t wait to start saving for a new one right away.

To learn more visit the Samsung website.

What about you? Do you have a hard time finding things in your refrigerator?

No products were provided. Compensation was received. The honest opinions are my own.

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  1. The worst time for finding things is right after company. Leftovers, agh! This refrigerator looks like it could help.

  2. Jennifer Marie says:

    I would love to have a new refirgerator too!

  3. I have a hard time finding things! This is the only thing I hate about our side by side. I feel like I am constantly searching for things.

  4. I do, mostly because our fridge is older. It doesn’t have anything special like side by side doors, or a bottom freezer. It’s always the worst right after we grocery shop!

  5. I need a new refrigerator. I am considering a few brands, but haven’t decided which one to buy yet

  6. Cute video – I would love a new refrigerator. It seems that we always have too much stuff and not enough space. Thanks for sharing

  7. We always find “forgotten” items at the back our our fridge – yuck!

  8. The video is so funny! Samsung is amazing! I saw their appliances at BlogHer and was beyond impressed by the technology. They are not your average fridge, that’s for sure!

  9. What a cute video! I LOVE the features on that refrigerator too, my fridge is a lot like yours. :/

  10. I have a place for everything, even in the fridge. I know what shelf, what side, etc… that every item is on!

  11. We just got a new fridge with a freezer on the bottom, and I’m finding it so much more convenient to use!

  12. Ha–funny video. Our fridge is usually mostly empty so its usually easy to find stuff in it.

  13. Don’t get me started on my old fridge! It is always cluttered! I would love to have a Samsung Refridgerator!

  14. I’m so in love with Samsungs fridge. Especially the smart features!

  15. That’s pretty funny! I have a spot for everything, and people seem to find what they’re looking for but then put things back someplace else. So then I can’t find it the next time! Basically, I’m the solution, and everyone else is a problem. lol

  16. We have a Samsung fridge at home and it’s a side by side with the bottom freezer and I lose things in it all the time! It’s constantly cluttered… the monkey’s can come raid it anytime if it’ll help me get it cleaned up!

  17. i’d love to have a bottom freezer – mine gets cluttered too!

  18. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Hahaha–funny! I am actually about to buy a brand new, good fridge. For the first time in my life I am remodeling a kitchen and will be choosing new appliances. Now the kids are grown and doing well. This is likely the house where Hubz and I will settle to retire. So I am going to go for “better” appliances. The fridge I’ve been looking at is actually a Samsung, so I will be taking a really close look at this model.

  19. I don’t like Monkeys! But the video is hilarious!

  20. LOL.
    I need to be a better shopper so I have trouble finding stuffs.
    I feel as though Im always bare :-)

  21. that is hillarious, I have seen this video too. Looks like a nice fridge. The monkeys have good taste!

  22. Sometimes I feel like my refrigerator belongs on a episode of Hoarders, not dirty like those found on the show but just so unorganized. We have grown out of our refrigerator, it’s time for a bigger one!!!

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