We’re hoping the rain holds off this Memorial Day weekend and we are able to get outside, do some yard work, relax, and enjoy some great food. I’ve search the web looking for some fantastic Memorial Day Recipes and here are my 5 favorites.

Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea

What better way to celebrate the upcoming arrival of summer then with Sweet Tea? This recipe from AllRecipes.com is easy to make. It only has 5 ingredients and 2 steps.  It has been saved by over 20,000 people with one reviewer stating they would give this recipe 100 stars if they could and that this recipe offers stiff competition for McDonald’s sweet tea. So you know it’s got to be good!

For this recipe visit: AllRecipes.com Sweet Tea

Perfect Potato Salad

Memorial Day Recipes Potato Salad

No Memorial Day picnic is complete without potato salad. This recipe from MyRecipes.com is a light and fresh option to the traditional classic. Where this eye-catching salad is lacking in calories it makes up for it in taste.

For this recipe visit: MyRecipes.com Perfect Potato Salad

All-American Burger

Memorial Day Recipe All American Burger

The grilled burger is a classic Memorial Day staple. This recipe from country living includes a few secret ingredients like Worcestershire sauce and an egg, to create a delicious mouth-watering burger.

For this recipe visit: Country Living All American Burger

Summertime Hot Dogs with Dr. Pepper Sauce

Memorial Day Recipe Hot Dogs

Better Homes & Gardens has come up with a delicious twist on a Memorial Day tradition of hot dogs. By adding a Dr. Pepper to a mix of ketchup, brown sugar, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce, tomato paste, and a few other ingredients you’ve got a unique and tasty topping for your franks.

For this recipe please visit: Better Homes & Gardens Summertime Hot Dogs with Dr. Pepper Sauce

Memorial Day Ice Cream Cupcakes

Memorial Day Cupcakes

Combing red velvet cake mix, blue moon ice cream, and you’ve got the perfect way to end your picnic with this Memorial Day Cupcake recipe from Taste of Home. This layered cool cupcake is sure to big a big hit with everyone.

For this recipe visit: Taste of Home Memorial Day Ice Cream Cupcakes