Measuring Blogging Success

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How do you measure the success of a blog or blogger?

Is it a blogger successful when she is invited to become a brand ambassador? Is the blog successful when it brings in enough income to pay the mortgage and maybe a few utilities? Is a blogger successful because his personal story has touched the lives of others?

Everyone has a different definition of what makes a blog successful. It could be based on brand relations, monetary income, social impact, or it could be one of many other reasons.

What makes your blog successful is up to you. Only you alone can choose the direction your blog will go and what you want to focus on and achieve.

For me, blogging is about connecting with others. I started out blogging because I had two children under the age of two and I was going a little crazy. I started posting stories of our family life about once a week and pretty soon I got one reader and then another. Pretty soon I wasn’t feeling as alone.

More than a year later, I continue to focus on forging relationships with others and now I’ve added another goal for my blog: make me some money!  I’ve invested so much time in my blog that I figure it needs to get to work and start bringing home some bacon.

So I will now consider my blog a success if I can continue to stay connected to my readers and those in the blogging community while properly monetizing my blog in a way that will start paying the bills and bring in extra income for the holidays.

What about you? How do you measure the success of your blog?

This post was inspired by the book Following Polly by Karen Bergreen. It’s a mystery novel about Alice Teakle whose recent unemployment leaves her fascinated with the life of golden girl Polly Dawson. When Polly is murdered , Alice becomes the prime suspect. The theme of idolization in the book gave me the idea for this post. Thank you to the From Left to Write Book Club for providing the book for review.

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About Tired Mom Tésa

Tésa (pronounced Taysa) is a work-at-home mom who enjoys blogging while raising her family in Cleveland, Ohio. In between naps, Tésa enjoys writing about family life, giving back, food, tech, and travel.

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  1. You do a great job connecting with readers, so I think your blog is a success!

  2. Thanks for this post. I have been asking myself this question a lot lately. I am still not sure which direction I want to head in, but your post brought up some good points. Thank you!

  3. That is a very interesting question. Initially it was in the comments/feedback/validation I received.

    Now that I am not so invested in it…it kind of ebbs and flows….I don’t know.

    I suppose it’s a success because it’s brought me some relationships, both virtual and IRL of people I can now consider my friends. So whatever happens with my blog as I vacillate with it….I have reached that measure of success.

  4. I started the same way, I started blogging because i was a sahm with 4 kids under 6, and loosing my mind, started just posting about our Family adventures and went from there ;)

  5. Hi Tesa! My name is Laura, and I recently started blogging. I love to write and had been wanting to start a blog a few years ago. Finally I decided I would stop procrastinating! Haha! For now, I just blog to share my thoughts, share some humorous thoughts from my daughter, and to connect with others. It does take a lot of work, and my husband and I play around with the blog everyday (the format, adding things, deleting things, etc), but I really love it! In the long run, I would love to generate more traffic to the blog and earn income off the blog. I have a 5 year old daughter, and we’d like to add to the family. If I can earn supplemental income or even (eventually) full time income from my blog, that would be a dream come true for me! I look forward to hearing more from you about which ideas worked for you and which ideas did not work. I’m going to try some things out too and will share with you what did or didn’t work for me as well. I look forward to “chatting” with you! :-)

  6. I have 1 in preschool same hours as you. Gives me two hours to Grocery shop and get things done without twice the excitement. I get a lot of cleaning done and shopping, occasionally I can get through emails too enjoy your time

  7. For me, blogging is very personal. So the fact that I’ve been able to stay true to myself and my blog makes me feel successful.

  8. I’m having fun with blogging. Have been doing it for over 2 years now. To me, the fact that I can get to try so many things – through deals at stores, try me free offers, and through blogging PR opportunities is an absolute lark. I love it. The best feeling is when people leave comments. I feel like when people comment (on a non-giveaway post) that I am connecting with my readers and I love that feeling. As long as I am enjoying it and touching others, then I feel like it is a success and will continue.

    My only monetization is through Google Ads, and well, I haven’t even made $150 in two years with that. How else do you plan to monetize?

    • I’m looking into a number of options for monetizing my blog. I think it will take a lot of trial and error to see what works. So you might see things popping up in the sidebars, hanging out for awhile, and then if they don’t perform disappearing. So we’ll see. I plan to post about what works, so watch for those posts in the near future.

  9. My goals for my blog have changed since I first started writing, too! I think knowing the possibilities that are available to grow my blog motivates me to take it further!!

  10. For me, my blog is a way to connect with the outside world and to feel not so alone. I enjoy when others appreciate what I write…that, mostly, is what makes me want to continue blogging.

    The money is definitely a perk though but not the sole purpose of my blog.

  11. My blog is small and I just think it’s successful when I can write to “get things off my chest” or to stop them from swirling around in my head. It’s more of a stress-relief kind of thing. As long as I accomplish that, I feel that my blog is successful. Everything else is just bonus.

  12. I think it’s when I’ve written something that touched another person. Thank you for encouraging me to reflect! Melissa

  13. Very True, each blogger will define “success” differently depending on what the goal of the blog is in the first place. Right now, my goals are much the same as yours – connecting (reconnecting) with my readers, increase traffic, and make income.

    I think if we get the first two working, the second will start to follow ;)


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