Loose Tooth & Fever?

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You may remember back around Christmas time, I wrote about Kora being really sick and then getting tonsillitis. At that time she had a loose tooth and it seemed like it may have been the culprit. Not long before she had lost a tooth and just before she ran a fever and got a bad head cold.

What do you know, this past weekend she started running a fever again along with a stuffy nose, sneezing, and coughing. It went on a day or two and then I realized she has another tooth ready to fall out.

Isn’t that strange?

Has anyone ever heard about this before? I thought I’d write and ask if anyone has experience with this before I mentioned it to the doctor. What do you think? Is this just a weird coincidence or is it really related?

*UPDATE: See comments below.

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  1. amanda burns says:

    my seven year old lost her first tooth today, and now she is in bed with a fever…weird! she didn’t even get to place her tooth under her pillow, she fell asleep so quickly.

  2. My 6 yr. old son has his first loose tooth also. And he had a fever the other day and cold/allergy symptoms, terrible coughing for several days now, etc. Never thought of it being caused by his loose tooth! But reading all of these comments I’m convinced. He always ran a fever when he was cutting teeth as a baby, too.

  3. My dd is 6 and has her first loose tooth. Night before we discovered it was loose we heard her coughing in bed. She woke up “sick” and had a loose tooth. She had also complained of her head hurting the day before. She has been coughing and looking sick for 3 days now but no one else in our house has become sick and she and my DS can’t stay away from each other when they play. She did have a fever the first night but hasn’t since. After reading all of these posts I really do think it is related to her tooth. Just too much of a coincidence.

  4. My 5-1/2 year old gets congestion and a cough every time she has a loose tooth too. She also has exercise-induced asthma and allergies – maybe it is related somehow? We are not crazy, we know our kids and see the patterns.

  5. mike chapman says:

    My 12 year old so is currently in bed with a fever, congested sinuses and tight chest (always affects his Asthma, pretty much only trigger now). It is the same pattern every time, when the tooth is very loose and on cusp of falling out, theses same symptoms arise and he is home from school or out of action for 2-3 days. Any dental professional who tells you there is no link is crazy!!! Once or twice can easily be a coincidence, but after 12 years of identical symptoms associated with loosing teeth is good enough for me. Case closed! Somebody should study this closer.

    • That is amazing. I can’t believe this is never really talked about. At least we now know what’s wrong. It always takes us a day or two before we think to ask, “Do you have any loose teeth?” and sure enough there will be one or two. Hope your son is feeling better soon.

  6. Hello. I just wanted to say that i too have experienced the exact same thing. My 6yr old daughter is cutting teeth now and she started with a head cold and now she has a slight temp. I have gone through this pattern almost each time sje lose teeth. I take her to the dr and they put her on a tylenol/motrin rotation. The temp/cold usually last 3days or so. I monitor her,constantly take her temp., and make sure she drinks plenty of fluids. Good luck just know you are not alone.

  7. I have noticed the EXACT same trend with my six year old! This is her third loose tooth…and she is just SO sick. Again. :-/ I was thinking that it’s because her dietary habits change because she’s afraid to eat while they’re wiggly! (Plus, it hurts.)

  8. I am having the same problem right now what should I do?

  9. Sorry, I don’t read your blog, but I have done a couple of web searches tonight trying to find if other people have experienced what I have (fever related to new teeth coming in). Heather, I totally relate to what you said. I am 19 and my wisdom teeth are just coming in. I have gotten sick (fever, sore throat, headaches, congestion) almost every single time an adult tooth has come in. My mom told me that I got terribly, terribly sick when I was teething. Every single time I cut a tooth I was sick and ran a temperature high enough to make me miserable. Likewise, when I first got braces I became really ill (I think it lasted about a week). These past three days I have experienced a sore throat, congestion, fever, and a splitting headache. It could be a communicable illness, but I just noticed tonight that my first wisdom tooth has partly erupted. So, although I am not a physician or have no scientific evidence to back up my argument, I just wanted to lend credence to Heather’s comment. I totally relate to what she and her children have experienced.

  10. my dtr is 6 and has lost 2 teeth so far and every time she haslost a tooth she gets sick vomiting and sore throat she usually ends up on antibiotics for strep, I am so glad to hear I am not the only experiencing this with their child. She just lost her 2nd tooth this weekend and starting getting sick,

  11. I had the same issue when I was a kid, fever every time I cut a permanent tooth, and as luck would have it I passed this on to my kids. Never fails! Every time one of my 3 kids gets a loose tooth or loses a tooth my hubby and I just know a fever is not far behind and it never fails us! Not many peoe have heard of this…even my kids school nurse looked at me funny when I had to pick one up and explained he was getting an adult tooth. Glad to hear I’m not alone and it is a real thing!

  12. My 6.5 year old has three loose teeth and has severe headache, fever, nausea, and frequent passing of stools (though not loose). I too feel that the symptoms may be due to new permanent teeth tearing through the gums, as these symptoms were also experienced when she got her milk teeth

  13. My son just turned 6 last month and 3 days ago he told me he had the runs when he used the bathroom, it was just that one time then yesterday he came home from school with a fever of 101.9 nothing seemed to be wrong other than the fever then today he was eating a pear and said it felt like his tooth was going to fall out so i checked and sure enough he has his first loose tooth. I had begun to wonder if this was the cause of the fever and asked some family and friends if it were possible and they had never heard of this. My daughter is older and never had anything like this so i began to wonder if it could be from his allergys/asthma since the doctor recently put him on singular i pretty much had omitted this from being the cause. All of your stories have been reassuring that it is his tooth. Thanks!!

  14. My daughter showed me her loose tooth 3 days ago today outta no where she is running a fever the highest so far today is 101 . She is up bouncing around and nothing seems to be wrong . I hope its just her loose tooth!

  15. I’m so happy I came across this site! My 9yro daughter has been experiencing flu like symptoms for over a week. Last weekend she was vomiting w/no other symptoms, thought she ate something bad! She was ok on Monday but Tues she showed me her loose tooth & how far the adult tooth has grown in, her gums were slightly swollen & she had a headache. This past Sat the tooth came out! A few hours later she had a fever of 103.4! I did the Advil/Tylenol combo. She ran an on/off high fever & very fatigued all day Sunday. No other symptoms ie red sore throat or ears. Today is day 3 of high fevers. Will be taking her to the doc(she has a VSD,heart condition) & I have to take things seriously w/her. After reading all your helpful comments I will know to have the doc check her gums & tooth. Thank you so much!

  16. This (I’m guessing) is very true! I currently have a bad tooth that is being pushed by another and it just woon’t come out. It is sitting way lower than the others. It is very loose, but like I said it won’t come out. I have been feeling lots of pain in that area and have also felt very hot and sick. Definetly not one of my best days…I just want it to fall out! I hope this helps! To make it feel better have your child rest for a while and try to sleep. A loss of appetite may occur…Feed them bits at a time. I hope she feels better!

  17. My 6 year old daughter has a loose tooth (her first one) and has had very low fever, but still acts normally. I keep asking her if anything is bothering her and she always says no. It is not consistent at all, and can go one or two days without having to give her any medicine for a fever. THanks for posting this, it made me breathe a sigh or relief that it is normal!!!!!!

  18. My 6 year old is tired, has a loose tooth and running a fever. It’s his front tooth. He tells my nothing else hurts. It’s gotta be his tooth coming in and I didn’t even think of it until I looked on this page. Thanks!

  19. Jessica Sink says:

    My daughter is seven, and has done the same th
    ing twice now. She will run a fever of 102° or higher off and on. With no other symptoms. Glad to hear shes not the only one!

  20. Cheysmommy says:

    Same here!!! My daughter has 2 loose teeth and is experiencing the same symptoms!

  21. Crystal Lewis says:

    As crazy as it sounds you could be right. I didn’t think of it before but earlier this week my 6 yr old brother had a very loose tooth and gotten sick soon after. It could be coincidental but it does make you wonder.

  22. I think the theory of the second set coming through is probably the explanation. If she’s losing teeth, new ones are coming in, even if a bit later…sounds a lot like teething symptoms so it makes sense.

  23. She actually never puts her hands in her mouth. They aren’t allowed to wiggle their teeth at school because of the germs and Kora’s a very by the book rule-follower. I have to remind her every now and then to wiggle the tooth when she’s home (after she’s washed her hands), so I’m sure the germs from her hands are not it. It’s just too coincidental for it to happen with every single tooth she’s lost.

    I actually did some hunting online today and found a number of other moms have found the same thing happening to their 6-year-olds. It doesn’t seem uncommon and is most likely related to the new teeth coming in behind the loose teeth or even associated with molars coming in, in the back.

    Very interesting and the next time we are at the pediatrician’s I’m going to bring it up and I’ll be sure to share what she says.

  24. I don’t think a fever has relation to loose teeth. I would think it’s probably because she is messing with it with germy hands:(

  25. It could be related! When there is a loose tooth, kids cannot resist wiggling that tooth! Who knows how many things they touched before their hand went in their mouth to wiggle the loose tooth!

  26. Maybe she gets sick because she is putting her hands in her mouth more than usual to wiggle the tooth. =)

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