I’ve mentioned in a couple of other posts how much we enjoy using Skype to video chat with my parents who live in Michigan. Since it’s quite a drive to see them being able to connect over webcam with them on our computer or tablet has been wonderful for us and Kora & Logan.

That’s why we were excited to receive the Logitech TV Cam HD to review and share our honest opinions. It’s a high-definition camera that turns your tv into a webcam!

Logitech TV Cam ReviewWe recently used it to chat with my mom. The kids were thrilled to see Grandma on the tv and I was impressed with the clarity of the call both in video and audio.

Logitech WebcamI took a video of the chat so you could see how it works.

My mom couldn’t get over how clear the picture was on her end. She kept commenting about how much better it was than when we used the webcam on the computer or tablet. She also mentioned that there was no stuttering, hesitation, or pixelation like we sometimes experience.

Logitech Webcam TVThe kids thought it was so fun to be able to talk to Grandma on the tv and not have to crowd together in front of the computer. They could get up and move around, show off dance moves, or their latest gymnastics tricks. We also used the remote control to zoom in, pan, and tilt, so when the kids were showing off their Lego creations or reading to Grandma she could see everything up close and clearly.

I can’t wait to use the camera on Christmas morning! As you can see in the pictures below, the wide angle lens offers a view of our entire living room, and we can zoom, pan, and tilt the camera easily with the remote. My parents will feel like they are right there with us while the kids unwrap their gifts!

Here’s the wide shot:

Logitech TV Cam ReviewsHere’s the same shot zoomed in:

Logitech TV Cam ZoomHere’s the same shot zoomed in using the tilt down button:

Logitech TV Cam PanAnd here’s the tilt up:

Logitech TV Cam TiltAs you can see it has a wide range. You can also pan to the left and right as well and all this is done with the remote, no having to manually adjust the camera.

I love how easy this camera is too use. There have been many times we’ve purchased or recommended technology for my parents and after we leave, something comes up and they can’t figure out how to use it.

The Logitech TV Cam HD was created with grandparents in mind. The set up is simple. There is no additional software or computer required. It allows you to call anyone using Skype on any platform whether they are on their smartphone, tablet, HDTV, or computer

The camera arrives with built-in Skype capability and it runs on any HDTV with an HDMI input. Simply plug it in and walk through the quick set-up to connect to your wireless or Ethernet, type in your Skype account info, and start making calls!

Any time you want to use it you just change the tv input and use the remote to select who you want to call.

Logitech TV CamOther fantastic features include:

  • Logitech Fluid Crystal Technology and Carl Zeiss Optics – offers crystal clear sound and sharp images even in low lighting
  • Built-in Ringer – the camera will ring when someone is calling whether the tv is on or off
  • Clip-on Design – makes it easy to securely mount it to the top of any tv or mount it to the wall
  • Dedicated Power Supply – ensures the camera is ready for a call at any time
  • 4 Microphones – helps reduce noise and echoes for enhanced audio quality
  • Simple Remote – Home button, zoom in and out, back arrow, ok button and directional pad for navigating and panning

Logitech TV Cam RemoteWe have enjoyed the Logitech TV Cam HD immensely and have been so impressed with the quality of the video calls, ease of use, and freedom to move around while video chatting that we recommend it to anyone looking to buy a new web cam. It’s a fantastic piece of new technology and I can’t wait to get my parents one so they can make video calls with the push of a button from the comfort of their couch.