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I love how quickly and easily toddlers and preschoolers absorb information. Kora & Logan enjoy watching Dora, Diego, and Handy Manny and have picked up quite a bit of Spanish from these shows – so much so they’ve been able to teach Tired Dad Dave and I a couple of words and phrases.

I’ve been on the lookout for a DVD that will help enhance their Spanish, but most of the videos available at our local library are old, out-of-date and just don’t hold Kora & Logan’s attention. So I was happy recently when I came across Spanish for Kids: Las Estaciones (The Seasons) by Whistlefritz (how fun is that to say!)

Spanish for Kids: Las Estaciones (The Seasons) ReviewSpanish for Kids: Las Estaciones is the newest title in the award winning series, Spanish for Kids. The DVD series features an adorable animated mouse named Fritzi, who interacts with live-action adults and children. In Las Estaciones, Fritzi wants to celebrate his Fall birthday. His friend, Maria, helps Fritzi and the viewers to learn about all four seasons in an entertaining and fun way.

This DVD is completely in Spanish. No English is spoken at all. I thought this might deter Kora and Logan from enjoying it, but instead, they love it! I can’t believe how much they’ve picked up just from the couple of times they’ve watched it.

Here’s a video of the kids practicing Spanish along with Fritzi and Maria:

Here’s a video of one of the fun songs included in the DVD. Check out Kora & Logan trying to sing-along!

Why We Love Spanish for Kids: Las Estaciones (The Seasons):

  • It’s cute, fun, and entertaining
  • It’s very interactive
  • It presents Spanish words in such a way that Kora & Logan have picked it up quickly
  • It’s not only taught Kora & Logan Spanish, but Tired Dad Dave and I as well
  • It makes me feel good to pop in the video and know the kids are learning something

We recommend Spanish for Kids: Las Estaciones to anyone looking to help teach their children Spanish. It’s recommended for children, ages 2-7 years-old. We’ve been so happy with this DVD that we will be getting the other videos in the series too.