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We love brunch. Since we are a family of late sleepers, we enjoy combining breakfast and lunch and making delicious brunches. And there are so many fantastic brunch recipes out there to try! Most of our favorites include eggs. Not too long ago I made an Egg & Bacon Tartlets recipe that was simple and a big hit.

Eggs & Bacon TartletMaybe a certain few someones will surprise me with these tartlets this Mother’s Day! Hint. Hint. It really is a great bite size brunch recipe.

Bite Size BrunchWhen buying eggs for our brunch, breakfast, or other dishes I like Land O Lakes All-Natural Farm Fresh Eggs.

Land O Lakes All Natural Farm Fresh EggsThe hens who lay these eggs have a vegetarian diet that consists mostly of whole ground corn and soybean meal. There are no added hormones, antibiotics, animal fats, or animal by-products. This is important to me because Kora & Logan love eggs and it’s good to know their favorite breakfast food is all-natural.

I was happy to see that Land O Lakes has some delicious recipes for brunch

The dishes are bite-size and perfect for brunch. That’s why I’m excited to offer the giveaway below! One lucky reader will win the items to make one or more of the delicious dishes.