Thanks to kokopax for providing the product for review. The honest opinions are our own.

KokopaxI. Love. Bags. Big giant ones I can drag around a laptop, diapers, enough snacks for an army, clothes and all kinds of random stuff bags. My favorite are giant bags that can either be an actual diaper bag or just have enough room to function as one without me looking as though I just walked out of Babies R Us with the bag. No light green Winnie-the-Pooh plaid diaper bags for this Mama! I live in hoodies, jeans and any kind of black shirt, so at least my bag needs to be cute and fashionable!

As Emma is getting older, my bag needs have changed. Now I need a bag that will hold a few diapers, wipes, extra outfit, bottle, snacks for her, snacks for Big Sister, noisy toys, books, and so on. And my wallet, keys and cell phone, as I can’t deal with carrying a separate purse. kokopax has come to my rescue!

kokopax has a new take on classic concepts by using contemporary simplicity in their design inspirations. Making daily life easier for young families is their goal. They have currently make baby carriers, totes, adorable sun hats and other organic accessories for little ones.

kokopax sent me the samantha diaper tote in the bubbles 3 pattern.


The tote is a fun and funky new diaper tote that I even use for just my things, not just for as a bag to lug around stuff for the girls. It is made of 100% cotton canvas with a custom designed water-resistant lining printed with the cutest monkey pattern, durable webbing and chocolate leather accents.

I was a little concerned that the tote doesn’t zip closed but the tote’s magnetic closure was super strong and is easy to open and dig around one-handed. The inside features a zippered pocket, three extra-deep pockets and a beverage pocket make this bag exceptionally functional as well as super cute!


When I first got the samantha diaper tote I felt like it was maybe too big. I know, totally shocking that a bag could be too big! It seemed like I had all my stuff all over the place and I had to dig a lot to find what I wanted in the depths of the bag. Then, I discovered the gigantic pockets inside.

They are so big that I’m able to have one pocket to hold my wristlet wallet, keys and cell phone with plenty of room to spare. I was able to easily stash different items in the pockets and stay organized. Let me tell you, I stuffed that bag full, it closed and there was still room to spare!

I was also skeptical about how well the bag would stay on my shoulder when completely loaded up. The straps are made of the same type of webbing as seat belts so I thought for sure they would be sliding down constantly. Not so! The straps have a leather patch at the top and that holds the bag secure on my shoulder.


I took my samantha diaper tote to a New Years Eve party with a few of my Mommy friends and they all had bag envy and now want one for themselves. Thank you kokopax for making a functional, fashionable bag that I will be using long after I’m done hauling around diapers!