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My sister is a wonderful illustrator. It’s what she does for a living. When we went on our family reunion trip to Charleston this past summer, she had work she needed to do so she brought along her laptop and drawing tablet. Whenever she’d pull it out to get some work done, Kora & Logan were immediately over her shoulder watching in amazement.

That’s why when I heard about the Kids Designer II Drawing Tablet, I knew Kora & Logan would love it.

Kids Designer TabletIt’s a great tablet that helps kids ages 3-8 develop their right brain skills. It works similar to my sister’s tablet and it comes with 15 fun and educational games which teach kids how to use the cordless pen. Here’s Kora & Logan showing off their artistic skills using the Colorful Painter game:

They were excited that not only do they get to draw and paint pictures on the computer with the tablet but they can print them out as well.

Kids Designer Tablet Review

Kids Drawing Here’s a look at some of the games that come with the Kids Designer II Tablet:

While those are some of Kora & Logan’s favorites they also enjoy choosing from a selection of games. Here’s a look at the opening screen:

Kids Designer Tablet Review

These are some of the other games Kora & Logan having been having fun playing:

English Flipping Fun

Kids Designer Games

Kids Designer Vocabulary

Animal Keeper

Kids Designer Tablet Matching

Paint The Eggs

Kids Designer Tablet Painting Math Hero Kids Designer Tablet Math

Pet Party

Kids Designer Matching As you can see there are a number of great games that come with this tablet. It’s really been impressive watching Kora & Logan improve every time they use it. In the circle the fish game they show in the video above, the first couple of times they played they had a tough time making a complete circle. Just getting the lines to connect was difficult. But now as the video shows, they can practically do it with their eyes closed.

I’m excited to see how much better they will get using this tablet and look forward to seeing their drawings and paintings. Maybe the Kids Designer II Drawing Tablet will be their first steps to one, or both, of them becoming an incredible illustrator like their aunt!