Kid Talk Tuesday – Another Kora

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The other day we were at an indoor jungle gym and found out another little girl about 7 years-old named Cora was there too. My Kora was thrilled. She’s pretty outgoing so she went right over to her and said, “Hi, I’m Kora too.” As kids do, they instantly became best friends and spent the rest of the time playing together. 

Logan tried to play with them but was feeling a little left out. He eventually started crying and was really pouting. I pulled him up on my lap and asked him what was wrong.

He said, “I want to play with another Logan. There’s not another Logan here.” And cried as if his heart was broken.

I quickly explained to him that he will definitely run into another Logan sometime, everywhere we go I here someone calling out the name Logan.

We wanted our kids to have unique and different names, but nothing difficult to spell or pronounce. I thought I was on top of the baby name books and online lists. However, we discovered after we picked Logan’s name that it was 6th most popular boys’ name at the time. I have no idea how we missed that.

 When we chose Kora’s name we wanted something old-fashioned and original. Since going to this jungle gym this is the second Cora we have run into.

Guess we weren’t imaginative as as we thought!


While at breakfast the other day the kids had this exchange:

“Korwah, you’re so boo-tiful.”

“What? My shirt is beautiful?”

“No, you are boo-tiful.”

“My wings are beautiful?” She wasn’t wearing any wings, but there was a pair on the ground under the table.

Frustrated noise from Logan.

“Uhh! No. I wasn’t talking about you. I said I’m boo-tiful!”

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  1. I think Kora and Logan are great names. There is a 5 year old Cora at our church, but I don’t know any Logans.

  2. That is so sad your little boy was sad. Isn’t it funny how the original names are becoming so popular now. Oh well, what can you do?

  3. When we named my daughter Isabella, all the books listed it down in the 30s for popular name so we thought it wouldn’t be too bad. Two years later and it’s the number one girl name. So much for originality!

    I love the boo-tiful story. It was boo-tiful.


  4. We went with Tyler (as you know). It’s one of the common ones, as will be his nickname when he gets older (TJ), but it just really seemed to fit him for us.

  5. I’m a Monina and I *hated* that my parents named me something so unique. And now that I am a parent too, I am grateful my parents found a name that so perfectly fits me. I’m sure it’s the same for Kora and Logan – their names perfectly fit them!

  6. Logan is so sweet to her! We are kind of the same way with wanting a name that is too common. So far we haven’t heard many kids around here with the name Bailey. But we also aren’t around many other kids yet. I have a thing with wanting all of our kids names to start with “b” because I like the way it go with Brouse (weird I know haha). I keep saying I want Brayden or Brody for a boy and I swear I know of at least 2 of each born in the past year.

    I am also totally jealous of the indoor jungle gym! We have nothing like that around here.

  7. No more Toddler Talk because they are big kids now. Can you imagine one day it will be Teenager Talk?!

  8. I chose Jennifer for my daughter, I think that name turned out to be like Logan! She was born in 1969. I had two names picked out, Lisa and Jennifer. If she had been born with dark hair, it would be Lisa, light hair, Jennifer. All she had at birth was a blond fuzz, so I figured that would qualify as light, as the years passed, her hair stood up and waved at each other, getting darker as time went by. Finally she ended up with black hair. lol She told me she was glad I named her Jennifer.

  9. We named one of our kids Jacob. Yeah, totally wasn’t thinking on that one. Every other boy within 5 years of his age is named Jacob. Then we named our daughter Kacey and no one, not even our family members, can manage to spell it right. I love that breakfast exchange! It’s priceless!

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