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I recently received a teleidoscope from Kaleidoscopes To You. What, you may ask, as I did, is a teleidoscope? According to Wikipedia a teleidoscope is a kind of kaleidoscope, with a lens and an open view, so it can be used to form kaleidoscopic patterns from objects outside the instrument, rather than from items installed a part of it.

Kaleidoscopes To You ReviewsRandy is pretty surprised because he noticed immediately upon viewing through it, that you do not turn the teleidoscope, but rather you move your body to create a variegated scene. It makes every view candy for the eye.

We took a few videos to show the difference.

Here’s the background used for each:

Here’s the view through one of our kaleidoscopes:

Here’s the view through the Kaleidoscopes To You Teleidoscope:

Isn’t it beautiful?

Randy’s father was a shaper maker for the the auto industry for years.  He could make anything out of inlaid wood.  In fact I have a bracelet he made that has forty different pieces wood, all precisely put together.  This teleidoscope could have been made by him.

The wood work is beautiful and precise.  You can tell upon viewing it that it was handcrafted with care.

Kaleidoscopes To You ReviewRandy and I counted 41 prices of wood shaped into a 5 3/4 “highly polished, laminated  teleidoscope.   Rather than just rectangular shape, it has smooth dips and ridges. It came with a a wooden stand to display, also well crafted and a bag for when it is put away.  I don’t think that will ever happen here.  It is too beautiful not to be shown off!

If you are looking for that unique gift for someone for Valentine’s Day, you could not go wrong with the teleidoscope.  Kaleidoscopes To You also carries a line of jewelry and art glass.  Don’t tell Randy, I’m going to check out the marbles for him, since he has a real infatuation with them.