Just Tell Me What to Say – Book Review

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Not too long ago I read and reviewed, You’re Not the Boss of Me by Betsy Brown Braun. I was so impressed by the book that as soon as I finished it I started the author’s earlier book, Just Tell Me What to Say: Sensible Tips and Scripts for Perplexed Parents. I’m happy to say I loved this book just as much.

Both books offer straightforward advice on how to handle the every day and sometimes difficult situations that occur in parenting. The chapters in each book start with a discussion of the problem at hand and why it might be happening. Then the helpful tips and scripts close out the chapters giving you specifics on what to say and how to say it.

In Just Tell Me What to Say, one of my favorite chapters addresses public temper tantrums. In fact, the chapter is even broken down into how to handle a tantrum at the grocery store versus in a restaurant. The author also offers poignant comebacks for what to say when a someone else comments on your child’s behavior.

Another chapter I found extremely helpful was the advice on picky eaters. Some of the original and fun ideas included using a different plate to take the emphasis off the food and onto the plate, inviting stuffed animal “guests” to join you and allow the child to encourage a doll to eat, and to try serving the food in special ways such as Mickey Mouse pancakes.

I truly enjoy Just Tell Me What to Say and find myself flipping through it frequently. Aside from the topics above the book also covers: Communicating with Your Children, Discipline Do’s and Dont’s, Sibling Issues, Children’s Eating Habits and Behaviors, Manners and Social Graces, Learning About the Birds and the Bees, Talking About Serious Illness, Learning About Death, Talking With Your Children About Divorce, and Answering Questions About Natural Disasters, Terrorism, and War.

Between Just Tell Me What to Say and You’re Not the Boss of Me, I have an elite set of parenting books on my nightstand. Often when questions or situations arise, I reference the books and it’s as if I have parenting expert Betsy Brown Braun herself at my side helping me say and do the right things.

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  2. I know there are books available that help parents know what to do in certain situations with their children. This one sounds like a good one. I think it would make a great gift for a mom or dad. No, they don’t give you a manual on how to raise a child, but there are resources. Thanks for the review.

  3. Really sounds like a great book. Addressing public temper tantrums… although mine are all grown up, l see it often when l go shopping. Many moms just tune their kids out and let them scream. Maybe this book would help them.

  4. Sounds like wonderful books. I’ll have to check into them. One other picky-eater trick we’ve learned is to all guess how many bites it takes to finish something. Then David can see who “wins” by guessing the right number of bites when he eats it. He can also determine the prize. It works almost every time!

  5. bob west says:

    I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I have yours. fun and interesting. I am now a follower.
    God Bless, Bob West

  6. This might be too young for my brood but weenjoyed her second book so I might look anyway… Thanks!

  7. Just uploaded the sample to my Kindle, but have one question for you. Is there a particular age group that you felt this was geared towards? I’m sure it will come in handy at some point regardless…God, will it ever!!!

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