Joya App: Easy Video Sharing for the iOS

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Tésa and I joke often about my iPhone being the place where videos ‘go to die.’ I always have my iPhone on me and frequently forget my camera. Fortunately, the iPhone does a pretty good job with pictures and videos. Unfortunately, I do a poor job of saving my videos to our computer or uploading them to the internet, and of course, sharing the videos with family and friends. The opportunity to share these videos with family and friends is why I was excited to be offered the chance to review Joya, an app for the iPhone which will make this process so much easier.

Joya pic
Joya allows you to share the everyday moments you capture on your iPhone in an extremely easy manner. What a great way to make sure you are able to do what your videos are meant for . . . share and enjoy!

I started to think about why all of my videos seem to be stuck on my iPhone. Uploading them to YouTube is a great option, but this can be a longer process, and I am not comfortable having my videos, which are mainly of my children, out there for everyone to see. The same goes for Facebook. It can be a lengthier process to upload, and even then, I would be sharing the videos with a ton of ‘friends’ who have no interest in viewing them. Lastly, when I do get proactive and try to email the video out as an attachment, the end result is often a returned email saying my message content was too large to send . . . ugh.

This is where you can truly appreciate the beauty and ease of use of Joya.

Simply download the app from iTunes and Joya will connect with your video library. You can then select which contacts you wish to add to your Joya favorites list. Next you select one or multiple videos to forward to your contacts.

Joya Videos

Joya Video Sharing App The recipient will receive an email or a text message stating they have a video that has been shared with them. All they need to do is click the link and they are taken to a web page, or the recipient can download the Joya app as well, where they are able to view the video(s).

Joya App Review Your recipient will have the ability to save the video to their computer for later viewing as well. Lastly, upon your recipient opening the link, you are notified and told that the video has been viewed.

What a great, easy and simple way to share family videos with family! Check out Joya and download it from the iTunes Store. It’s free, and well worth checking out.

What about you? What video has been sitting on your phone that you need to share with your family and friends?

No products were received. Compensation was received. The honest opinions are my own.

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  1. Thank you so much for the write up! I am so happy to know that you found Joya useful. I hope you’ll continue to use it and it’ll be a great way to stay connected with family …anywhere!


  2. Such a fun app! I struggle sending videos of the boys wrestling matches because they’re too long or it takes a while to download. Thanks for the tip!

  3. What a cool app! I would like to download it on my phone

  4. What a great app! I think there are many a violin, classroom celebration and sports videos living on my phone that should be shared!

  5. I would totally do this if my kids were younger and I was still taking frequent videos. I like this concept a lot!

  6. That looks like a great app! i do not have an iPhone, but husband does now. I will let him know about this app. Thanks for share. :-)

  7. This sounds like an app that I can really use. Thanks for the wonderful review.

  8. This sounds like a cool app! I really like how (as you put it) your videos are not out there for all to see!

    • Hi Alaina,
      Yes, I agree — videos of our kids are super private. I just really wanted to make sure Grandparents and my closest Mommy friends got to see them, not the entire world. That’s why we created Joya ;)

      Please send me feedback, would love to hear from you.


  9. Oh I love this! Videos are so difficult for me.. this is great!

  10. Well, that sounds easy!
    Isn’t it funny, they call them ‘smartphones’ but somethings are so complicated they make you feel ‘dumb’… :)

  11. Oh that just sounds too cool! I never remember to use my IPad for video, but I really need to! Thanks for sharing this, sweet!

  12. Interesting! This is just simply another way to share videos, right? It won’t help me get those videos off of my phone and on top my computer?

    • Hi Jackie,
      Thank you for the note! With Joya you get the videos into the hands of people who really want to see them. It’s actually the only easy way to share long videos. Right now if you try to send videos over 1 minute long, you won’t be able to.
      Let me know if you have any other questions.

  13. Makes me wish I had a Smart Phone!!!! Your kids are cuties!

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