I remember a time when Randy and I never left the house without a watch. In fact several years ago we were sitting at the airport waiting for our flight and I asked him what time it was. He lifted up his wrist to look and no watch. We were in a panic mode. How would we ever know what time it was while we were traveling? Luckily we had time to run into a store at the airport and purchase the least expensive one we could find. We boarded the plane and had a duhh moment. We had our phones. What were we thinking? From that time on we rarely wore our watches.

That all changed a few days ago when Te’sa asked us if we wanted to receive and review a Jord Wood Watch. We looked at them online and were immediately sold. How often do you have the opportunity to wear a watch that is made of 100% natural wood?

Randy chose a watch from the Sulley collection in Cherry and Maple wood. When it arrived we were immediately impressed with its style and attention to detail.

Jord Wood Watch ReviewIt is not just the band that is made of wood, but the face and back of it are also wood. We love wood grain so we were happy to see it in both the cherry and maple. The design around the crystal makes the face interesting to look at. We were pleasantly surprised the company even thought to provide a plastic protector for the face of the watch, and to also discover that the glass is scratchproof. I expected the watch, because it was made of wood to be heavy, but the opposite is true. It is so light that Randy says at times he even forgets he is wearing it.

It is designed to put on with one hand with a stainless steel clasp. Which Randy could easily do.

It also is an automatic watch. This means that by the simple act of wearing it, it will remain wound. What could be simpler?

We can’t wait to show the Jord Wood Watch to Randy’s father, who made wood boats for Chris Craft and was a wood modeler for Ford Motor Company. I am certain, he will be as impressed as we are.