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One day I want to line our stairway with family portraits. I’ve always thought it would be heartwarming to display all of the portraits we’ve had done over the years together. It would be fun to see how much everyone has changed. Since Kora and Logan are only 6 & 5 we don’t quite have enough portraits yet, but we are well on our way to starting a beautiful collection.

Last year we had one of my favorite portraits taken of the kids at jcpportraits. They were both at a great age and excited to pose for the photo shoot. Logan was a little nervous at first but he warmed up quickly and we got some cute shots.

JCP PortraitsI love this photo because the photographer did a great job of capturing Kora and Logan’s personalities. She really was personable and had the kids giggling. She got right down on the floor with them to take the pictures and they had fun really had fun at the shoot.

I liked that we could view the photos right away on the computer and the photographer helped us put together the collage. There were so many selections to choose from it was difficult, but fun, trying to decide which to buy. We are thrilled with the portrait we chose. It is cute, adorable, and makes me smile every time I see it.

A few of my favorite tips for great family portraits is:

  • Wear coordinating outfits, not necessarily identical – while there are some portraits that look nice when everyone is wearing identical clothing, it’s often difficult to find something that fits everyone. Coordinating outfits can be complimentary and give each person a bit of individuality. It’s also important to try to wear solid colors and not bold patterns. And jcpportrait photographers may want to take full-length poses, as they did of Kora & Logan, above, so be sure to coordinate clothing and accessories from head to toe.
  • Backgrounds and Props – If you’re not sure what you want, you can always ask the photographer for advice. Jcpportrait photographers can help you decide what will look best in your photo. Or you can bring in your own props to add a bit of personality: baby blankets, stuffed animals, favorite toys etc.
  • Time it right – if the portrait involves children make sure it’s not around meal, snack, or nap time. It’s more fun for everyone if no one is hungry, cranky, or tired.
  • Bribes – Sometimes kids go through phases where they don’t want to have their picture taken and then refuse to cooperate. If this occurs, bribes always help. We always let Kora & Logan play on the mall playground after they get their pictures taken. It’s usually enough incentive to get them to pose nicely for a few minutes.

To find a jcpportraits studio near you, simply use the location finder on the bottom right of the jcpportraits homepage. Happy picture taking!