This just in . . . kids LOVE everything electronic, especially games. That’s why we have to check out any opportunity to learn about an app for the iPad (both Kora and Logan’s favorite) that is both fun and educational. That’s why I am excited to work with Elately on this sponsored post to share my honest opinions about their iTrace app. This app will make learning how to write letters, numbers and word both fun and interesting for your children, while sneaking in that teaching factor.iTrace Letter AiTrace uses the iPad’s touch screen to teach children the basics of writing and spelling. iTrace shows you how to properly draw the letter or number, and then you repeat and follow example. This app has the ability to store information for multiple users and will save the history and progress for each user.

Simply by clicking on the History button you can see all the letters, numbers and words that your child has mastered, you can also see where there are opportunities for your child to improve. iTrace will tell you what mistakes have been made, such as “too shaky” or “out of bounds” so you can know what to work on.

iTrace History MistakesWhen using iTrace, you have the option to choose letters (upper or lower case), numbers, practice and words. After you successfully complete the chosen task three times, you are given an award which is normally an object that starts with the letter you drew, the next screen is an interactive page where you have to search around to find your newly earned object. This helps keep the experience fresh and fun.

Kora and Logan have mastered their individual letters, so their favorite part was “Words” where you get to write out . . . you guessed it, words!

You have the choices of “My Name,” “My Words,” or “My Scenes.” “My Scenes” was a hit in our house, you get to choose from multiple settings where words that match the setting are given for you to write. When you successfully spell the word, a picture of your writing comes up on the screen and takes its place in your setting.

iTrace NameiTrace BarniTrace BeachFor those of you with an iPad and a young child, this app is a must to check out, you will be happy with iTrace’s ability to simplify the learning process for your child. iTrace can be downloaded at the App Store.