Have You Heard Of A Zonkey?

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ZonkeyI was reading the news the other day, when I came across quite possibly the cutest animal I’ve ever seen – a Zonkey! It’s a cross between a female zebra and a male donkey.

Apparently, “zonkey” isn’t the correct technical term for the animal, it’s usually called a zebonkey or zebronkey, zebrinny, zebrass, zebrula, or zeedonk. They are extremely rare but recently two were born, one in China and one in Cuba.

Aren’t they adorable?




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  1. So cute!

  2. awwwwww they are so cute wish i didnt have one they would drive me crazy

  3. its so cute

  4. Those are cute!

  5. I’ve never heard of a zonkey before, so cute!

  6. SO CUTE! Reminds me of an okapi- one of my favorite animals!

  7. Believe it or not I could swear we had 2 of those in the area a couple of years ago! We would drive by and I would ALWAYS stare and wonder … if I knew they were rare I would have made sure to stop and ask about them. They are gone now but I know they had striped legs and looked like donkeys! We are in Illinois … now you got me wondering even more :-)

  8. Darling!

  9. I’ve seen photos of these on – I totally LOVE that site, they have the most adorable animals on that site. I bet your kids would love it, if you haven’t already, you have to check it out. I can spend over a 1/2 hour on that site and not even realize it.
    Thanks for sharing these photos, you made me smile.

  10. Too cute. I want one too! Where can I find one? ;)

  11. too Cute!!

  12. Not really that rare, people show then in Mule and Donkey shows under saddle and in harness. They also show Zorses which are Zebra-horse crosses. The thing that makes this one a little more rare is that it has a Zebra mom and donkey dad instead of the other way around. People usually use a female donkey to increase the final product’s size and make it easier to access the baby (Zebras can be temperamental).

  13. I had seen this post from someone else tweeting it and showed my husband. Those little Zonkies (would that even be right?) are adorable!

  14. OH my good ness they are SO darling! My youngest is obsessed with Zebras and always have been her favorite animal. Am afraid she will want one of these. So, are they in a special habitat? I assume as rare they are so protected.

  15. I have heard of these but have never seen one. So weird but cute!

  16. okay, that’s crazy cute!

  17. ohmygosh! How cute!

  18. I love the stripes on the legs!

  19. Patricia E says:

    They are adorable. I think I want one too!

  20. Awww they are cool. I have never heard of them. I want one too!

  21. they are cute! when I went to tiajuana they had painted stripes on a donkey and offered pictures

  22. Soooo cute!!

  23. Leah Walker says:

    That is by far the craziest and cutest thing I’ve ever seen. I have to show my 15 year old daughter when she gets home. She will love it.

  24. omg! I want one too!

  25. OH my! That is adorable AND crazy!!!

  26. That is so cute!

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