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How do you record special moments in your children’s lives? I try to take as many photos and videos as I can. I confess I’m not a scrapbooker. My mom made beautiful scrabooks for us growing up but for some reason that gene didn’t get passed along. Thankfully sometimes I find there are other methods that can be just as meaningful. That’s why I was excited to learn about the creative Facebook app, Kid Reports, by Hormel Foods.

Kid ReportThe remind me a bit of the subway art that is so popular these days. The app simple to use and fun too! Kora & Logan enjoyed spending time together helping me make their reports:

Kid Reports ReviewsAren’t they so cute?! Kora loved that we could make hers pink and Logan liked that his was blue.

Kids Reports ReviewTo make a report I just “Liked” the app and then we filled out the information requested including their names, ages, favorite foods, first from the past year, as well as what’s on their wish lists.  You can also set reminders to be emailed to you to return to update the reports.

Kid ReportsI like the reports so much that I printed them out and may frame them and hang them in their room or store them in a scrapbook. Here are some of Kora and Logan’s thoughts on the reports:

I recommend the Kid Reports to anyone looking for a unique way to preserve childhood memories. This is such a simple, fun, and creative method that I can’t wait to use it again soon and tell my sister and sister-in-law about it so they can create reports for their children!